Roblox Jailbreak Money Glitch

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If you like playing Jailbreak, you surely know that this game has in-game money that you are able to use for transaction in the game. It is not easy to get money in this game so that some people and maybe you think of using glitch.

Money or cash in Jailbreak can be used by players to buy new vehicles, to customize vehicles , to buy safes and also to buy some weapons. If you want, you are also able to drop cash to donate to friends or bribe Police officers. When you first join the game, you will get 200 cash and you are not able to get “negative cash”.

How to get the cash? There are a lot of ways to be able to get cash in this game.

  • You can get cash from daily paycheck.
  • You can get cash from arresting criminals and guilty prisoners and collect their bounty if they have.
  • You can get cash by robbing the Gas Station 1, Donut Shop, Bank, Cargo Train, Passenger Train, Jewelry Store, Museum and Power Plant.
  • You can get cash by picking up dropped cash/ bribes.
  • You can get cash by buying cash in the cash shop with Robux.
  • You can get cash by completing daily missions.
  • You can get cash by redeeming a code at the ATM.
  • You can get cash by picking up an Airdrop briefcase.
  • You can get cash by extinguishing a fire.
  • You can get cash by getting duplicate customization items from safes.

For your information, paycheck vary as a Criminal as the paycheck is based on their bounty. They can get $ 50 every game-day at first but it will increase as the criminals gets a bigger bounty. If you are able to complete a daily mission, you are able to get $2,000 or $2,400 if you have the VIP gamepass. So, having gamepass will give you more advantages. If you have enough Robux, you can force yourself to buy gamepass in the game.

Even though there are so many ways to get money or cash in the game, but you maybe think that it is not easy thing to do. Or, you have tried it but you do not get much money until now so that you think of using glitch. If you want to use glitch, you are able to watch some videos about it on Youtube such as a video  of ZephPlayz entitled Unlimited Money Glitch in Jailbreak!! (Roblox), a video of BLUECOW entitled Roblox Jailbreak Infinite Money Glitch (Working), a video of RazorFishGaming entitled Unlimited Cash Glitch!! – Roblox | Jailbreak and many more. You are able to try to follow what they are doing in the video to get money for free by using glitch.

If the glitch that you watch in the videos above do not work anymore, you are able to ask other Roblox players in a forum or group about getting money in Jailbreak using glitch. Who knows that there are other glitches that you can use in Jailbreak.

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