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When you look for the information about Rocitizens code for villa, you may cannot find that information clearly. But, you are able to get some information about all codes in Rocitizens game. We think that those codes are important for you so you need to know it.

Before we talk about the codes in Rocitizens, it will be better for us to talk about the game itself. You have to know that Rocitizens game is a game on Roblox platform which was created on December 6th, 2013 by Frebrand1 and the last update was on November 20th, 2018. The game of Rocitizens is categorized into a town and city genre and it can be played by 20 maximum users per server. This game is one of popular games in the largest online gaming called Roblox. Now, it has been visited more than 300 million times with more than 675,000 likes and more than 2 million favorites.

Is there a villa in Rocitizens? Yeah, there is a villa named Antine Villa. It is one of types of houses in Rocitizens. Houses provide a place to stay and raise your Mood. Other types of houses are Small Cabin, Classic Suburban, Taylorian, Classic Mansion and more. Now, you may want to know the price of those houses. Well, in the text below, you are able to see each price.

1. Antine Villa: Its price is $200,000

2. Small Cabin: Its price is $1,700

3. Classic Suburban: Its price is $3,500

4. Contemporarian: Its price is $85,000

5. Luxury Cabin: Its price is $110,000

6. Modern Bungalow: Its price is $145,000

7. Taylorian: Its price is $21,000

8. Mansion: Its price is $25,000

After you know the list price of houses above, you may also want to buy a villa in Rocitizens, as you can see that you are able to purchase Antine Villa for $200,000. Do you have enough money to buy it? If you are really want to buy this one and you have enough money, so you do not hesitate to buy this one.

Talking about Rocitizens code for villa, we inform you, it means that the code for houses. So, in this article we are going to share Rocitizens code for houses/villa.


1. luckyduck: You will get a Clover Trophy and 3500$ after use this code.

2. rocitizens5th: The code allow you to get 5000$.

3. youwishyouhadafisg: The code will give you 1500$

4. bugsareannoying: The code make you get $2,000.

5. onfleek: Use this code to earn 6000$.

6. ggpd: You will earn 10000$ after use this code.

7. jobzncarz: The code will give you 1500$

8. sweettweets: The code will give you 2500$

9. coldhardcash: Please use this code to get 3500$.

10. Makeitrain: Use this code to get 4500$.

11. supdatember: This code will give you $4,000

12. alittlesomething: You will be able to get 4000$ if you use this code.

Before you enter the code, make sure that the code is available for use.

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