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Roblox is a big company. No wonder why a lot of people want to be a part of this online gaming platform. Many people think that it will be great to work in Roblox moreover as we know that Roblox is a a platform of games provider.

Some of you may think of being an intern in Roblox. But, before you apply it, it is better for you to know some information about the salary of internship in Roblox. Well, internship is a period of work experience which is offered by an employer to give students and graduates exposure to the working environment. Usually, internship is done in a specific industry which relates to the field of study of the students. So, if you want to do in internship in Roblox of course the study that you take must be suitable with the positions that are available for internship in Roblox.

Usually, internship is done as short as a week or as long as 12 months. Internship can be paid or voluntary. A lot of sectors that can be done for internship such as marketing, sales, graphic design, management, engineering, IT and many more. If you do an internship, you will be able to develop a variety of soft skills such as personal effectiveness, communication skills, creative problem solving, presentation skills and influencing skills.

Well, how about the salary that we can get if we do an internship in Roblox? It seems that it depends on the position that you take. Based on Glassdoor, there are range of being an intern in Roblox. Here they are.

  • Software Engineer – Hourly Intern — $40/ hour
  • Intern – Hourly — $32/ hour
  • Software Engineer – Monthly Intern $5,299/ month
  • Intern – Monthly — about $4K – $5K
  • Product Manager – Hourly Intern — about $30 – $32
  • Software Engineer, Avatar Team – Hourly Intern — about $38 – $42
  • Game Engine Software Engineer – Hourly Intern — about $31 – $34

Those are just some of the information about salary as interns in Roblox. And you need to know that those number is an estimation.

If you are interested in working as an intern in Roblox, it is better for you not to think much about the salary? Why? It is because the main goal of being an intern in a company is for getting as much as experiences and also improve your skills. So, make sure that you get a lot of learning when you are being an intern.

One of person who was an intern in Roblox said that he can be an intern by sending a resume to Roblox. At that time, he knew there is a job vacancies as interns from his friends and then he tried to applied and who knows that he was accepted. In his opinion after being an intern in Roblox, he thinks that one of the things that Roblox looks for among all employees in Roblox is the ability to work hard without supervision, and it ties into one of the core principles of the company.

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