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As a Roblox player, you need to know about Roblox Extension. Of course, it is very important for you. We are sure that you are at this page to find out the information about the best or better Roblox Extension. If so, just continue to read this entire article.

You have to know that currently the best Roblox Extension is Roblox Plus. It is a trusted browser extension to enhance the user experience on Roblox. For your information, Roblox Plus or stylized as Roblox+ and R+ was developed by WebGL3D and it is only available for Google Chrome or other Chrome-based browsers such as Opera, Chromium or Vivaldi.


Apparently, there are the settings and features that available in Roblox Plus to the user. In the text below, we are going to share some settings and features.

  • Main Volume: It for sound playback throughout extension.
  • Voice Volume: It used to set how loud the voice is.
  • Voice Gender: It used to set the gender of the voice (Default, Male, Female).
  • Item Notifier : It is a sound plays once a new item in the catalog comes out.
  • Trade Inbound: It is a sound that plays once you receive a trade from someone.
  • Trade Outbound. It is a sound that plays once you send a trade.
  • Trade Completed. It is a sound that plays once a trade is complete.
  • Trade Declined. It is a sound that plays once a trade is declined by you or the other person.
  • Group Shout Notifier. It is a sound that plays once a group makes a shout.
  • RAP: It show a user’s RAP under their name in a forum post.
  • Embedding: Embeds YouTube videos, images, decals, and audio links. This also can changes text for item, and forum post links.
  • Embedded Image Size: Size for Embedded Images.
  • Trade Currency: It will updates trade currency rates without you refresh the page.
  • Sticky Trade Rates. It adds current Robux and Tix rates under the currency in the navigation bar.
  • Remaining Counter: Updates the remaining counter on limiteds while they are on initial sale.
  • Sticky Trade Rates. Adds current Robux and Tix rates under the currency in the navigation bar.
  • Item:  You are going to get a notification once an Item gets created or updated.
  • Trade: Notify once you get, complete, decline, or send a trade.
  • Group Shout: This notify once a group makes a shout.
  • Group Tiles: Redesigned group space on profiles
  • Open trades in new tabs: It allow you to opens a trade in a new tab instead of a new window.
  • Quick-Sell: It allows you to sell items from the develop page.
  • Counter Commas: It shows full number of your currency with commas.
  • Changed Username Login: If turned on, it allow you to log in with an old name.
  • Theme: This allows you to turn on a theme.

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