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The term intern is used to call a person who usually a student enrolled in college and is involved in a limited period or work offered by the certain organization or the employer with the goal of gaining the relevant skills and experience in the certain field of work. Aside from that, the internship is able to be used to create the professional network that can assist with the future job opportunities through hands on learning, preparing one for full time work following graduation.

On one of the biggest companies called Roblox, internships consists of the exchange of services for the experience between the intern and Roblox. Usually, this kind of thing is annually arranged on the DevForum. For those who are not familiar with DevForum, this one is the Roblox forum that developers can freely communicate with each other.

In some cases, the former interns of Roblox will be hired by Roblox Corporation as the official staff members, due to meeting certain requirements of the available job role and their familiarity with the Roblox platform.

What are the requirements to apply the internship program of Roblox? First, you have to be passionate about games, user generated content, social networking, and the Roblox community. Second, you have to be adaptable and are able to thrive in a fast paced and dynamic work environment. Third, you have to be a coding champion working towards mastery of one or more programming languages such as Go, Node.js, Ruby, Phython, C++, Lua, Swift, C# or Java. Fourth, you have to be eager to learn and want the real world exposure to the industry-leading frameworks and libraries. Fifth, you have to be tenacious about learning and creating a great experience as you work hard with your team to reach the collective goals.

What are the advantages of the internship program of Roblox? First, you will be embedded into a software engineering team with responsibility and deliverable. Second, you will regularly ship code to production. Third, you will own and present to leadership a summer internship project. Fourth, you will work collaboratively with the design, product, data, QA, and DevOps teams of Roblox. Fifth, you will gain valuable and marketable experience helping to build one of the fastest growing software platform in Silicon Valley. Sixth, you will work and support one of the talented teams such as Applications, Developers Relations, Game Experience, and Growth.

For those who are interested in internship program offered by Roblox and willing to apply, you can find the Roblox internship application on the official website of Roblox Corporation. Please complete the entire form and Roblox will contact you if there is a fit.

For further information about Roblox intern application, once again, the official website of Roblox Corporation is your best source. Aside from that, there are some sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn that you can visit as they provide the information about the job vacancy. If needed, you are able to contact contact the thing named Roblox Support.

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