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Silent Assassin is a game in Roblox platform that was created by TypicalType and worthyshiningkazoo on February 2018. You need to know that on the game of Silent Assassin, there are three roles that available in each round, those are Assassin, guard and target.

Talking about Silent Assassin, you may come to this page to find some information regarding this game. Even, you may also want to know some codes of Silent Assassin. Is it alright? If you want to find some information about the game of Silent Assassin, so you are able to read this entire article because here we are going to talk about that. By the way, how about the Silent Assassin Twitter? For your information, if you want to get some information regarding the game of Silent Assassin or codes of Silent Assassin, so you are able to visit Silent Assassin Twitter. For this case, you are able to visit this link;

For those who are the player of Silent Assassin, of course you should know about the code of Silent Assassin. If you get the code of Silent Assassin, so you are able to get the rewards. For those who are wanting the code of Silent Assassin, now we are going to share it here. The code is newyear2019. If you use newyear2019 code at the game of Roblox Silent Assassin, so you will be able to get some exclusive items. In this time, let us try to use that code and get the rewards.

As we said before that by visiting Silent Assassin Twitter or an official twitter of TypicalType, so you will get more codes. Try to visit @TypicalRBLX. For your information, besides as the creator of Silent Assassin game, TypicalType is also as the creator of Epic Minigames and the Crusher. If you look at TypicalType’s twitter account, currently it has 526  tweets, 174 following, 54k followers and 764 likes. On his twitter account, he is always update all about Silent Assassin game including the codes of Roblox Silent Assassin or Epic Minigames. Therefore, if you want to keep update the information related Silent Assassin, you are able to follow @TypicalRBLX.


On Silent Assassin game, you are either a target, Assassin and guard. If you are a target, you have to avoid the Assassin so that you do not get killed. It means that if the Assassin kills you and escapes, so the round is over. If you are a guard, you have to protect the target from the Assassin who is trying to kill her/him and escape. Then, if you are an Assassin, you have to kill the target. You have to note that the guards can kill you but the target cannot kill you. Once you kill the target, you have to escape.


On the game of Silent Assassin, currently there are five maps.

  • Simulation 047B by TypicalType
  • Abydos by EggyThePegguin
  • Himalayas by beirke123
  • Sea Stronghold by worthyshiningkazoo
  • Florence by beirke123

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