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When someone bots a group, it means that he or she floods a certain group with alts, created instantly. Usually, that particular group is botted and then sold as the “superclan” to individuals. Clearly, this kind of thing is against the rules. This is how the whole issue spawned in the first place.

How does botting work? Since there is no sound evidence of how the whole process works, it must go by the well-known word of mouth. According to a lot of contacts, bots are created instantly after the certain script is ran. All that you need to do is to insert the group ID into the program or the script and it will create the random accounts instantly, to flood said group. Basically, the account creation is most likely the case that needs to be fixed or edited or removed.

There is a guide or a tutorial to scripting bots. Please keep in mind that this tutorial is in no shape or form extended to be malicious to Roblox in any way. It is just simply something for people who are interested in expanding the scripting abilities to look into. Once again, it will not include botting or anything as such for gaining the benefit on Roblox. the focus of it is the development side such as for clans to manage the members or for the users to have the better discord experience with the community.

Part I: Setting up the first bot in Discord

First of all, you need to create the new project. Here are the steps to create one. First, create the new folder. Second, access the Command Prompt. Third, type into the Command Prompt “npm init”. Fourth, type into the Command Prompt “npm install Disocrd js”. Fifth, create the text file and change the file type to .js which means Javascript. Sixth, restart the Command Prompt or program in Cmder. After that, you have to create the new bot account. The next thing that you have to do is to get the bot online. The last one is to get the command.

Part II: Writing the Promotional Command for Discord

Everything about it is mostly about the script. For the better undestanding, please visit the Devforum on Roblox.

Part III: Game Server Bot (Free Hosting)

First of all, you want to go to the GitHub, download the scripts, sign up on Heroku, and download the CLI for Heroku. Make sure you extra everything from he ZIP files. Just like the bot for Discord, this one also requires the Roblox account username and password to log in. Then, prepare to host. Please visit Devforum to know more about it.

Once again, you are recommended to visit the thread about how to bot groups on Devforum Roblox. You are allowed to access the page easily without having to log in first. If you have something that you do not understand, do not hesitate to leave the comment and join the discussion.

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