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In the term of survival game, it certainly cannot be related to the script inside. Indeed, the script is very useful to make the goal running smoothly. So as the Prison Life, this game needs the script to increase the power of role-player. Moreover, this game can be called as the prison-themed RP or survival game. So, do you also need Prison Life Script by Noobdudeispro right now? Just scrolling this page down!

As we know that Prison Life has been updated for more times. This makes the game having the differences for features and the system at all. In fact, there are many kinds of awesome tools that you can use if you are playing this game. For this circumstance, this game needs some gorgeous script in order to the goal within reach. One of needed thing is by using the script. Need to remember that each script has different benefit depending on what purpose as you want.

Besides, the script of Prison Life can be used based on the level of player. It means that the script for Noob and Pro can be different. The Prison life script by Noob is presented as impressive and also for free. Aside from that, the prison Life script by Pro is served as exclusive as possible in which it is paid. Certainly, the result of Prison Life script by Noob and Pro can be totally different. No wonder if Prison Life by Pro is always workable, while the Noob one is sometimes unused.

Either using Noob or Pro script, it is totally based on your needs. The capacities and need of each player are totally different. In fact, there are tons of Roblox players who use the Noob script for doing missions of playing Prison Life. Oddly enough, the script is totally working. So, it will be back to your choice which script that you will use for mission.

Prison Life Script by Noob

You can get this Prison Life script on some sources on the internet for free. Certainly, you are able to copy and paste this script easily without any rules. Here is the script!

Name object
gui.Name = “Prison Life v2.0 GUI”
frame.Name = “Commands”
open.Name = “Open”
name.Name = “Name”
arrest.Name = “ArrestButton”
btools.Name = “BtoolsButton”
escape.Name = “EscapeButton”
exit.Name = “ExitButton”
killaura.Name = “KillauraButton”
melee.Name = “MeleeButton”

Prison Life Script by Dude

If you want to try this script, it is not wrong. But, we apologize if this is not workable because this script material is totally limited. We recommend you to look for this material on the internet for more detail.

local PrisonLifeGui =“ScreenGui”)
local InstructionsFrame =“Frame”)
local IDetail =“Frame”)
local IExit =“TextButton”)
local ITitle =“TextLabel”)
local TextLabel =“TextLabel”)
local MainFrame =“Frame”)
local Title =“TextLabel”)

Prison Life by Pro

We get this script involved to Prison Life script by Pro, but we are not totally sure as well. But, to try this script is not wrong at all.

Made by RoboHaxRoblox on v3rm
— Objects
local PrisonLifeHAX =“ScreenGui”)
local MainUI =“Frame”)
local guiname =“TextLabel”)
local Walkspeed =“TextButton”)
local Jumpower =“TextButton”)
local SpeedValue =“TextBox”)

Unfortunately, we get those explanations on some sources that mean either noob, dude and pro script material are totally limited not even there. Certainly, you do not stop in our material because this material could be inappropriate. We suggest that you have to keep looking for this if you are ambitious to get the Prison Life script by Noobdudeispro. We hope that you can get the total Prison Script Life for each level. Good Luck!

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