Roblox Gold Pants and Shirt Code

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The term “pants” in Roblox is able to be defined as the textures placed around the user’s torso and leg bricks defined by the PantsTemplate property. Apparently, all the users are able to purchase and wear the pants, but only the members of Builders Club that can create and sell them. Just like most items on the platform, they can be bought with either Robux or formerly tickets. Like the other types of clothing, the templates was changed as of 2016.

Meanwhile, shirt is the type of clothing on the platform named Roblox that can cover the torso and the arm body parts of the character with the texture defined by the ShirtTempalte property of the shirt. Every user can create the shirts by creating the image based on the template and then publish them using the shirt ContentBuilder. When the moderator approved, the user then can sell or use the shirt. Just like the pants, only the members of Builders Club can make and sell shirts for Robux but everyone can buy them.

There are a lot of kinds of pants and shirt on Roblox. One is them is the combination of the gold pants and the shirt. There are some of them on the platform. If you want to know, here are some of them with the codes.

The first one is 916546064. This one is the Roblox code for Nike shirt and gold pants created by the creator named The Gold Eagles. This item was updated on July 14, 2017 by vaidas273. The price of the item is R$ 5.

The second one is 669892806. This one is the Roblox code for golden pants with golden shirt. The item was created by Dallavid and was updated on March 19, 2018. Currently, the item is not for sale so you cannot purchase it.

If you want to get the gold pants and shirt look, you can combine the gold pants and the shirt separately. It can be such a good thing as you can mix and match the gold pants that you want and the shirt that you think will match with it.

For the gold pants, the first option is the golden pants of Bling Bling. This one was made by iFlamestar. The Roblox code of this item is 159572563. The second one is the gold pants made by Hatguy. The Roblox code of it is 2801131. The third one is the gold pants created by the creator named Freemium. The Roblox code of it is 189587143. You can also choose the gold pants made by urduded. The Roblox code of it is 79564654.

As for the shirt, some of the selections are Tun3 (1114640360), Blue and Black Motorcycle Shirt (2752035529), floral Red Snowflake Oversized (2605613817), Black Gucci Shirt (962691723), shirt with shading (2026632885), and so on. It is better for you to visit the thing called Roblox Catalog if you want to find out more about the shirts and their Roblox codes.

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