How to Use Dark Mode on Roblox

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Having the Roblox Studio dark theme would be great for a lot of developers that prefer to not be blinded constantly. How to use the dark mode on Roblox? For those who do not know how to enable the Roblox Studio dark mode and want to know how to use it, please read the whole article.

The method to use the dark mode on Roblox is divided into two. The first one is easier compare to the second one. As the first one is easier, it is better for you to try it and do the second one if it is not working.

Method 1 (easier): Steps to perma enable (far easier and less steps):

1. The first thing that you have to do is to go to %localappdata%\Roblox\Versions and go to the version folder containing Roblox Studio files. Please look through the folders until you will be able to find RobloxStudioBeta.exe in one of them if you have no idea. You are suggested to name of the folder changes every week.

2. Then, create the folder called ClientSettings.

3. The next thing that you have to do is to create the file named ClientAppSettings.json.

4. Afterward, paste this into the file, and then save and relaunch Roblox Studio.

5. The last step that you have to do is to go to the Soblox Studio settings and enable the dark theme by going into the general section of Studio Settings and changing the UI Theme.

Method 2 (longer): Steps to perma enable (different and easier steps)

1. First, go and download Studio Mod Manager.

2. Second, launch the Studio Mod Manager.

3. Press “Edit Fvariables”, if the prompt shows up saying “Beware Dragons” or something like that, you just need to accept and continue. Then, wait for the editor to gather the FVariables.

4. Fourth, the window should pop-up.

5. Fifth, simply search for “StudioTheme” and it will appear.

6. Sixth, select it and then press add, accept the prompt and it is added to the manager’s version of Roblox Studio.

7. Seventh, exit the FVariable Editor and press “Launch Roblox Studio”.

8. Eighth, go into the Studio settings and enable Dark Theme by heading into the general section of Studio Settings and changing the Ui Theme.

Please keep in mind that this method will not work with the regular Studio and can only be used with the mod manager’s version. Aside from that, there is a method to do it without the editor. However, when the Roblox Studio restarts, the config also is reset so that does not good. Another thing to take a note is about another possibility. You have to know that changing environment variables, like the fast flags, is not supported by Roblox and may lead to instability. In this case, it should be fine, but there may be some functionality that is not working. If you find any issues or run into any crashes, feel free to ask Devforum.

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