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Advertising can help our products known by a lot of people. If you have games, items or groups on Roblox and you want them to be known by others, it is better for you to advertise them. How to do that and how to make 728 x 90 banner template for Roblox? Here, we will explain it.

If you want to advertise your something on Roblox, first you have to think about what thing that you want to promote whether it is an item, a group or a game. Then, you will be able to think of the elements that you will enter in your advertisement. So, you are able to decide the size of the banner that you need. If you want to decide the banner first and then the designs and elements, it is okay.

Roblox provides three banner templates including 728 x 90 banner template, 160 x 600 skyscraper template and 300 x 250 large rectangle template. You maybe want to make the 728 x 90 banner template so you can download it when you choose the template to make an ad on Roblox. If you want to get template from other sites because you want to make it by yourself, you are able to find some template maker. Some banner template maker that you can use are bannersketch.com, bannereasy.com, fotor.com, thepcmanwebsite.com and some others.

These websites are easy to use. For example, in the bannersketch.com, you are able to make a banner by visiting the website and then you have to click on the banner size that you want. After that, you are able to adjust the size of the banner such as the colors/ background, frames and text, border and then generate it.

Now, do you know how to create an ads on Roblox? To make an ads for advertising a group, you have to go to the page of the group and then click on Advertise Group button which is located on the right so that you can open the Create a User Ad page. Then, you have to select the size of ad that you want to make. Now, you are able to use an image editing software to craft an enticing ad and then save the customized ad to your computer. Now, you have to back on the Create a User Ad page and then click on the Choose File button. In this step, you have to find and also choose the image you created in the previous step. Then, enter a name and click on the green Upload button. After that, you ad will be reviewed by the Roblox team to make sure that it adheres to the Roblox Community Rules. If your ad is approved, you can launch it from your Ad Inventory page.

You have to note that if you make the banner by using the websites that we mentioned above, not getting the banner from Roblox, you can go to the Create a User Ad page directly and then click on the Choose File button.

If you want to advertise items, you can go to Create page and then find the item. Click on the gear icon on the right and choose Advertise. Then, it will direct you to a page where you can get the templates and upload it.

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