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Following the launch of the thing called Roblox on Android, a lot of Robloxians wanted to know when Roblox would be launching the app for tablet or Kindle devices. Roblox heard you and they are proud to announce that Roblox Mobile is now available in the Amazon App Store. The Amazon App Store will allow you to download Roblox for any supported Android device, which now includes tablet called Kindle.

Roblox Mobile allows you to explore the thousands of games created by builders and developers, trade messages with friends, customize the character, and many more. When you play the game using tablet, you even join the same games as your friends on Mac, PC, iOS, and the other Android devices, so you are able to play anywhere, with everyone. While Roblox spreads their wings even further across platforms, they are making sure that you and your friends always stay connected in the same virtual world.

Here is the brief summary of the Roblox’s features:

  1. Play Roblox games
  2. Purchase Amazon exclusive items for the character (this one is coming soon)
  3. Customize the character appearance
  4. Purchase Robux and Builders Club through the Amazon account
  5. Exchange messages and chat with friends
  6. View leaderboards
  7. View and interact with the groups

The Amazon version of Roblox Mobile is supported on the devices such as Kindle Fire HDX 7 (3rd Gen), Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd Gen), Fire Phone, Fire HD 6 (4th Gen), Fire HD 7 (4th Gen), and Fire HDX 8.9 (4th Gen).

A lot of people, including the Client, Mobile, and Web teams have been working diligently over the last few months in order to make Roblox on tablet a reality. The amazon version of Roblox can bring the same great mobile experience to the entire set of devices, and furthers the reach of the community of Roblox of builders and game developers, who are now able to open the creations to players on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices by publishing them to Roblox.

Everyone is really excited about finally getting Roblox into the hands of Android users. You can try out the app today by going to Amazon. The app is free to download so you can keep your money in your pocket. When you are in the page of the product, all that you have to do is to sign in to Amazon using the Amazon account and then follow the instructions to download Roblox for tablet.

Once again, Roblox for tablet is available globally in the Amazon App Store. For those who are not tablet users, Roblox Mobile is available in both the iTunes App Store for iPad 2+, iPhone 4+, and iPod touch 5G, as well as the Google Play Store for a lot of Android devices. Get the app now and enjoy your time playing games on one of the biggest platforms to play games. Let Roblox know your feedback so they can be better in the future.

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