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Adopt and Raise A Baby (or Kid) is the name of the game created by the popular user called KingAndrewK one June 2013. Since the first time its release, it has been visited around 27,270,000 times.

Adopt and Raise A Baby is similar to another game named The Neighborhood of Robloxia in some ways. It is made after Life in Paradise. Both Adopt and Raise A Baby and Life in Paradise are the same games, just different makers and different maps. Unfortunately, the game is poorly made compared to the other roleplay games such as The Neighborhood of Robloxia, Roblox High School and Robloxity.

Just like any other games, there is the script of Adopt and Raise A Baby. If you want to find the script of Adopt and Raise A Baby, you can just go to a site named Pastebin. What is Pastebin? Pastebin is the number one site if you are talking about the script. In order to find the script of Adopt and Raise A Baby on the site, you will not be asked to log in first so you can just simply go to the Search bar and type “Adopt and Raise A Baby Roblox” as the keyword. You will be able to get the result after pressing Enter.

There are some scripts related to Adopt and Raise A Baby. One of them is the LUA/Gui script made by LUASCRIPTSRELEASES. Here is the script as displayed on Pastebin.

— Adopt and Raise a Baby Gui

— Made by LuaScripts

— Game:


local ScreenGui =“ScreenGui”)

local Frame =“Frame”)

local credits =“TextLabel”)

local im =“TextButton”)

local ws =“TextButton”)

local title =“TextLabel”)


— Settings (Do not edit)


ScreenGui.Parent = game.CoreGui


Frame.Parent = ScreenGui

Frame.BackgroundColor3 =, 0.368627, 0.368627)

Frame.BorderColor3 =, 0, 0)

Frame.BorderSizePixel = 2

Frame.Position =, 0, 0.239130437, 0)

Frame.Size =, 398, 0, 263)


credits.Name = “credits”

credits.Parent = Frame

credits.BackgroundColor3 =, 0.368627, 0.368627)

credits.BorderColor3 =, 0, 0)

credits.BorderSizePixel = 2

credits.Position =, 0, 0.809885919, 0)

credits.Size =, 398, 0, 50)

credits.Font = Enum.Font.SourceSans

credits.Text = “Made By LuaScripts”

credits.TextColor3 =, 0, 0)

credits.TextScaled = true

credits.TextSize = 14

credits.TextWrapped = true


im.Name = “im”

im.Parent = Frame

im.BackgroundColor3 =, 0.368627, 0.368627)

im.BorderColor3 =, 0, 0)

im.BorderSizePixel = 2

im.Position =, 0, 0.262357414, 0)

im.Size =, 244, 0, 50)

im.Font = Enum.Font.SourceSans

im.Text = “Infinite Money”

im.TextColor3 =, 0, 0)

im.TextScaled = true

im.TextSize = 14

im.TextWrapped = true

Actually, the LUA/GUI script of Adopt and Raise A Baby above is not complete. If you want to get the complete version, you can just go to Pastebin and look for it. As stated before, you will not be asked to sign in to the site in order to access it so you can get the script of Adopt and Raise A Baby freely and without having to worry about anything.

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