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On the platform of Roblox, there is a game named Dodgeball. It is a game that was created by alexnewtron. For your information, he is one of popular game designer. The game of Roblox Dodgeball is also as one of Alex’s most popular games. When you arrive at this page, you may looking for information about the codes for Roblox Dodgeball. if so, just continue to read this entire article.

Based on Wiki, apparently there are some codes for Roblox Dodgeball. We are sure that you are very curious to know all codes. You do not be sad, now we are going to inform you about that. We have five codes for Roblox Dodgeball. As we said before that we get this information from the site of Wiki. You have to remember that Roblox Dodgeball codes are Scarf, Doge, Dodge, Cape and OMG.

Now, you know about Roblox Dodgeball codes, so you are able to use or redeem those codes. Before you use and redeem the codes of Dodgeball, you have to ensure that those codes are still work. For your information, there is a code that has expired. The code is OMG. Based on the research, there are many people who have used and redeemed OMG code but they cannot that code because the code is expired. If you want to know more information related Roblox Dodgeball codes, you are able also to go to twitter account of the creator of Roblox Dodgeball. As we know that the creator of Roblox Dodgeball is Alexnewtron. Just go to his twitter account and find the information about the codes and other information related teh Roblox Dodgeball game.

Talking about the game of Roblox Dodgeball codes, in this article we are going also to share about the gameplay of Dodgeball. For those who are new in Roblox Dodgeball game, so you are able to continue to read the following text. You have to know that the game rounds start with the game “Preparing” as the player’s camera is rotated slowly as the game spawns both teams. Then, the camera tweens back to the player, as the player is given three dodgeballs to fight with. In this game, the player is able to throw a dodgeball at a teammate to pass it to them. Or the player can also throw at the enemy team for damaging them. After four hits per-player, so the player is killed and sent back to the side-lobby. Once a dodgeball’s color is white and it is thrown by the enemy team, so you are able to take damage. After the round ends, the player’s camera is tweened to the winning team, as the winning team is featured and MVP shown on your screen. For your information, MVP is Most Valuable Player.

Well, this is an explanation of Roblox Dodge ball codes that we get from the official site of Wiki. To get information related Dodgeball game, we suggest you to go to the site of Wiki directly.

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