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Do you looking for the codes of weapons for Roblox Admin? If so, you are at the right place, here in this article, we are going to share some Roblox weapon codes. We think that you very need to learn about this because it will help you to control the game.

As a Roblox players, you have to know that Roblox admin commands are the special messages that typed in the chat Windows to control any game in Roblox. It is one of Roblox commands. It means that there are other Roblox command that you are able to use in the platform of Roblox to control the Roblox games.

Now, let us find out the codes for Roblox admin commands by looking at the text below.

  • Levitating Cosmo Staff 48596324
  • Overseer Eye 82665932
  • Bald Eagle 120749494
  • Icy Arctic Fowl 101078559
  • Roblox Skateboard 27902303
  • American Rockets 1776 120749452
  • Snake Sniper 113299620
  • Fallen Artemis 110892267
  • R-Orb 98411393
  • Super Freeze Ray 42845853
  • Air Strike 88885539
  • Icy Arctic Fowl 101078559
  • Dual Darkheart 108149175
  • Dual Illumina 101191388
  • Cloak of the Undying 94794833
  • M1 Grenade 94233286
  • Dual Plungers 114690870
  • RC Tank 83021197
  • Raig Table 110789105
  • Paint Bucket 18474459
  • Artemis Bow 92142841
  • US of Rock Guitar 52625728
  • Heat-Seeker 67747912
  • Exponential 90718505
  • Sword of Ancalagon 62350883
  • USA Fireworks 85145730
  • Single Darkheart 1685215
  • Single Illumina 16641274
  • Grapple Hook 30393548

Well, the text above is a list of codes weapons for Roblox Admin. If you want to get more codes weapon, so you are able to search for the codes from other websites. Of course, there are several websites that show a list of Roblox weapon codes for Roblox Admin. Aside from that, you can also to find out the codes of weapon by watching some video in YouTube. In fact, there are some video in YouTube that show about the Roblox weapon codes for Admin command.

Talking about Roblox weapon codes for Roblox admin, in this time, we are going also to remind you about what is the weapon itself. You have to remember that weapon is the catalog item that usually appear as a tool. The weapon is able to be worn on the profile of a player’s avatar or be allowed in the games which have allowed the gear’s specific attributes and genre.

In an example: a gravity coil in Speed Run 4 game. Of course, there are lots of types of weapon items such as the swords, Blade, lasers, and musical instruments. Based on the research, since January 12, 2019, there are 2,279 weapon items in total including the unavailable Items. For your information, there are some genres of weapon. Those genres are Melee Weapon, power up, navigation enhancers, ranged weapon, explosive, musical instrument, social items, building tools, and personal transport. To get more information about that you are able to go to the page of weapon/gear on Roblox Wikia.

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