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You may like saying curse words when you meet certain moment when you play a game in Roblox but now you are not able to do that because there is chat filter in Roblox. You need to know that this filter is made to create a friendly environment in this online gaming platform.

Even though Roblox has created chat filter, there are some people who try to look for other ways to be able to say curse words in Roblox. In the video of FgteevRealBiggestfan World entitled How to Swear On Roblox 2018 – 2019 which was published on December 29th, 2018, you are able to see that he can say some curse words because he does not use the normal letter. When he tried it, the words appear so it means that it works.

In the description of the video, he gives the links to where you are able to find the curse words that you are able to use when you want to say curse word in Roblox chat. When you click that, the link goes to As we know that is a site where you are able to save any text online. So, that’s why you are able to find any text related to Roblox in that site such as script, swear words and any other things.

When you click on the link in the video, you will go to the and it is entitled Roblox Swear Bypass List (And Some Bypassed Audios) which was published on June 20th, 2018. You are able to check the list in the directly or watch the video and then click on the link yo bring you to the where it saves the bypass list of swear words. You can see in the list that the words does not use the normal letters. It uses symbols and some of them use normal letters but then it is inserted a symbol to make it invisible by Roblox such as the word ‘boob’, he changes the letter ‘b’ to be ‘β’.

So, by the existence of this list, you just have to copy and paste the words when you want to use it without having to make it by yourself. However, even though there is bypass curse words list that you can use anytime in Roblox, it is better for you not to use it because as we know that if you do or say bad things, it can bring you to the bad things as well.

It is not impossible that when you say curse words, there will be other people who do not like with it and then they fight you. You also need to know that actually playing games in Roblox has some principles which consist of being respectful; being friendly, welcoming and patient, being careful in the words that you say, and trying to understand why we disagree. So, when you obey this thing, it will not make you get any disadvantages. Even you will get some advantages by being nice to others in this online gaming platform.

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