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Now, you are probably thinking how to make your Roblox avatar cool but for free. As we know that almost every item on Roblox catalog must be bought by Robux and if we want to make our Roblox avatar cool, we need to have a lot of Robux. But, can we make our avatar look cool for free?

A lot of Roblox players want to make their Roblox avatars look cool without having to spend a lot of Robux even they want to do it for free. It seems that it is impossible because the cool items on Roblox catalog must be bought by using Robux. But do you know that there is a video by greenlegocats123 entitled How to Make Your Roblox Avatar Cool For Free? This video was published on February 7th, 2019 and until now it has been watched more than 803K times.

In the video, he explains that if you want to make your avatar cool for free, you are able to go to the Roblox catalog and then find some items that can make you look cool, rich and cute. So, you are able to choose any items that you want and that you think that the items are cool. After that, you have to go to the Clothing then t-shirt section. Now, go to the Price Filter and then choose Free. There, you are able to choose the one that you think it is cool. In the video, he search t-shirt with Dog and then he chooses the t-shirt with the hashtag and then buy that t-shirt for free.

Now, you are able to go back to the avatar page and then put on the t-shirt to your avatar. When you put it on your avatar glitches and you can look cool with it. In the video, you can see that the avatar wears black suit, a black hat and also holding an award. However, some people try this method but it does not work. So, it can be said that if you want your avatar look cool for free, it is impossible. But, if you want your avatar look cool with small budget, it is possible.

If you want to make your avatar look cool but you do not have a lot of Robux, you can choose the cheap items but still look cool. In the list below, we have some recommended cheap but cool outfit for your avatar.

  • Woman Package (free), Pirate Pistol Pack (free), Dance Hat (25 Robux), Twitter Bird (free), Shaggy Hair (2 Robux) and Shirt and Pants (5 Robux each). The total of this outfit is 37 Robux.
  • Woman Package (free), Rthro Animation (free), Woman Face (free), Cinnamon Hair (80 Robux), Shirt (5 Robux), Pants and (5 Robux). Total of this outfit is 90 Robux.
  • Chill Face (free), Boy Package (free), Shaggy 2.0 (5 Robux), Abs T-shirt (5 Robux) Nerf Gun (free), Sword Pack (150 Robux). Total of this outfit is 170 Robux.

So, the key of being cool but using less Robux is you have to be smart to choose the cool items but in cheap price.

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