How to Dance on Roblox

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When you are out and you are in Roblox playing a certain game with your friends or just making the virtual world together, you might want to interact with all of them more than just through the chat. Perhaps, you just want the character of the game to act in the particular way in order to make things feel more realistic and give them the added dash of personality, here is the way to use the emotes.

Actually, dancing in one of the biggest platforms to play games called Roblox is easy once you know ho to do it. The first thing that you have to do is to press “/” in order to open up the chat in Roblox.once you have done this, type in any of the following to do the corresponding emote. The first one is /e wave. This one can make your character to wave its body. The second one is /e point. This one can make the character point at something. The third command is /e cheer. This one can make your character cheers. The fourth one is /e laugh. This one is the emote to make your character laughs. The last one is /e dance or /e dance2 or /e dance3. As you can guess, this one can make your character dances.

It is really important for you to remember the “/” at the start of every command. If you do not include that one, the command will not work and you will just enter the message into the chat. Once again, do not forget to include “/” at the start of the emote.

When you have type this in, the next thing that you have to do is to simply press enter and the Roblox character should do the emote that you have entered. When everything is done, it means you have got another way to interact and communicate with all of your friends without having to always just use the boring old text chat.

In this modern era, you can make the Roblox character dance thanks to the emote commands provided by Roblox. Talking about the emote, there is a thing called emote menu. This menu was added into the Roblox launcher on June 24, 2019, as well as the section for emotes to be purchased on the Roblox Catalog. For those who are curious, the first emotes to be added were Tilt, Stadium, Salute. Please keep in mind that all of them can only be used with R15 avatars. All the emotes are able to be accessed in game by clicking the silhouette for a white Roblox avatar on the top of the menu or pressing B. This one was removed after just an hour of being live due to complains for developers, including “the icon that did not fit well with the rest” and “this update was too sudden and uncalled for”. There were a few of complains referencing the B key being overwritten without the warning.

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