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Roblox Bricksmith badge is the name of the badge that is awarded to all the players when they reach 1,000 place visits. Actually, every user does not need to receive 1,000 visits on a single place. If they have more than one place, Roblox adds up all of the visits in each place, and if it equals 1,000 or more, the Roblox Bricksmith badge is obtained.

Roblox Bricksmith badge is earned by having a popular personal place. Once the place has been visit 1,000 times, the player will receive this badge. Each Robloxia with Roblox Bricksmith badge is accomplished builders who were able to create a place that people wanted to explore a thousand times. All of them no doubt know a thing or two about putting bricks together.

This paragraph consists of the trivial of Roblox Bricksmith badge. First, the hammer on the original Roblox Bricksmith badge is the same as the Super Moderator badge. For those who are curious about Roblox Super Moderator badge, this one was a badge given to Super Moderators. This one is no longer used after Roblox changed the art style of their badges and merged all Roblox Staff into something known as the Roblox Administrator badge. Once again, this badge would identify an account belonging to a Roblox Super Moderator. Only the official moderators of Roblox would possess it. Second, the Robloxian that has the most Roblox Bricksmith badges by glitch is named skate36. That user is holding 5 Roblox Bricksmith badges. However, the user is now terminated. Third, the Robloxian that has the second amount of Roblox Bricksmith badges by glitch is called scorpion67890. He owns 4 Roblox Bricksmith badges. Apparently, he is not been banned.

The image of the current Roblox Bricksmith badge looks like a coin. It is shinning gold with some different shades of it. The gold color and the round shape make it exactly looks like a coin. On the image, there is something like a castle or the gate of a castle. The color of the castle or the gate or the castle is white with the gold border. Aside from that, there is “1k” written above it.

Meanwhile, the old image of Roblox Bricksmith badge looks totally different compared to the current one. As stated before, the old or the original one has a hammer that is the same as the one on the Super Moderator badge. Just like any other hammers, the hammer is grey on the top part and brown on the wooden part. The hammer is standing, leaning on a navy dice or cube. Actually, it might not be a dice as it only has some white dots on the top part, while the common dice has dots on all the sides. If you want to know the details of the Roblox Bricksmith badge images, you can just go to the Roblox website. You can also open your browser now and type “Roblox Bricksmith badge images” or just “Roblox Bricksmith badge” as the keyword.

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