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For some Roblox players, the name of Guava Juice may be familiar. Moreover if you like watching his videos on Youtube, you surely know who he is. He is one of Roblox players and also one of Youtubers which is popular. You may often watch his videos on Youtube but you do not know his username in Roblox. So, we will reveal it for you. But first, let’s find out the brief profile of Guava Juice.

Guava Juice’s Profile

The real name of Guava Juice is Roi Fabito. He was born in Philippines on August 21st, 1991. Guava Juice is from Philippines but then at the age of two, he moved to Durham, North Carolina. He has younger brothers named Reymond and Russell and also a younger sister named Ariel. Guava Juice obtained an undergraduate degree in film studies from North Carolina State University. In July of 2006, he made his first content for Youtube and it was almost two years before he and Alex started working on their channel hoiitsroi.

Guava Juice became famous as one half of the duo in charge of the Youtube channel Wassabi Productions. So, he has been known online as Roi Wassabi as well. He collaborates with Alex Burriss and posts comedy content on Wassabi Productions. He also has his own Youtube channel named Guava Juice and now it has more than 14.9 million subscribers and the total views of his videos are more than 6 billion times. It is known that he created the Guava Juice channel on July 18th, 2006.

Guava Juice’s Roblox Account Username

Now, you may want to know what is the username of Guava Juice account on Roblox. Well, the username of his Roblox account is ‘guavs’. In his Roblox account, he has only 2 friends and more than 286k followers. However, he does not follow anyone. His avatar now is wearing Propeller Beanie, Dark Green Jeans, Official Guava Juice Games Shirt and hold a Green Laser Scythe. How about his body parts? He has Man Left Arm, Man Right Leg, Man Right Arm, Man Torso, Man Left Leg and I <3 New Site Theme.

In his inventory, he has two items including Builders Club Hard Hat and Propeller Beanie. His favorite game is Escape Toilet Obby and he has some Roblox badges including Homestead, Bricksmith, Welcome To The Club, and Veteran. How about player badges? He has Mission: Save Easter, Welcome, Twilight Manor, [Hallows Eve]: Twilight Manor: Imaginary Companion, Small Fry and many more. It is known that he joined Roblox since January 26th, 2016 and his place has been visited more than 129,217.

Guava Juice’s Youtube Channel

If you want to watch some videos about Roblox in his Youtube channel, you are able to visit his personal Youtube channel named Guava Juice. There, you will find a lot of videos about Roblox such as Don’t take My Pizza| Roblox, Escape The Evil Bakery! | Roblox, Guavs Has A Clone! | Roblox, Escaping The Pizzeria | Roblox, Escaping The Evil Butcher | Roblox, Escape The Cavern! | Roblox Escape Room and many more.

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