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Arsenal is an FPS game which is fun to play. If you like playing an FPS game, this game can be tried by you to play. In this game, there skin options so that you are able to customize your character to be what you want by using the items in the Shop. Can we combine characters in the game?

First, let’s find out about skins in Arsenal game. Skins come up in the shop every day. Do you know what skins are? Those are cosmetics for you to use. Skins are able to be purchased from 600 B$ to 2400 B$ or 1200 B$ from character case. Skins also have the opportunity of being an Unusual either from buying it in the shop as display or in a character case. Here are the skins or various characters that you are able to buy in the shop, earn from crates or get from using twitter codes.

Here are some of them.

  • Common: Delinquent, Rabblerouser
  • Uncommon: Contractor, BrickBattle, Woods, Beret, Broadcaster, Communicator, Fanboy, Recruit and many more.
  • Rare: Detective, Rough Houser, Fro, Mobster, Ninja, Partygoer, Shock Force, Soldier and many more.
  • Epic: Anarchist, Handsome Hoss, Commando, Desperado, Luchador, Paintball, Scarecrow, Smiles and many more.
  • Legendary: Ace Pilot, The One, Snake Eater, Campbell, John Brick, Pirate, Vampire, Santa, Uncle Sam, Material Man and many more.
  • Exotic: Delinquent That’s Cool
  • Promo: Phoenix, King, Queen, Pizza Boy, Poke, Anna, Smug Zam, Admin and many more.
  • Developer Exclusive: Castlers, Boomer Delinquent, Weeb Delinquent, DIO, Kakyoin, Funky Monkey, Long Neck Mobster, Cow and many more.
  • Murder:  Myboe, Toad

There are also unusuals. Do you know what they are? They are characters with random and interesting animated effects are applied to them. For your information, there is only 2% opportunity to be able to get an Unusual via opening a crate. Here are some of the unusuals:

  • Burning
  • Purple Energy
  • Searing Plasma
  • Stardust
  • Collector’s Sparkle
  • Stars
  • Electrons
  • Sunbeams
  • and many more

How about combine characters in this game? The Holiday Pilot is a combination of Ace Pilot and Holiday Panda. So, this skin has the clothes of Holiday Panda but sharing the accessories of Ace Pilot. If you want a combined character, you are able to choose it.

You may want to customize the character that you have in the game. You are able to make your own custom Arsenal skin. There is a video in Youtube that you are able to watch about it. The video entitled Making My Own Custom Arsenal Skin?! (Roblox) and this video was uploaded by Bandites on December 26th, 2019. In the video, you are able to see he customize the character with the items. With this way, you are able to make a combined character that you want. So, you can watch the video to know how to do it. Then, you are able to try it in the Arsenal game in Roblox. In the game, you are able to explore everything including the skins and the items to make combined character.

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