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On Roblox Arsenal, there are named Taunts. They are various expressive emotes or animations that the players can do. Usually, they are used as the cosmetic flares. The players are able to purchase taunts from the shop as a guaranteed item, from a flair crate, or from an event. Then, it is equipped in the player’s Locker, and it is able to be accessed during a game by pressing G, and the corresponding number a taunt has been assigned to. If you double tap G, it is going to play the default taunt.

When you are at this page, you may want to find out the information about Megaphone Arsenal. Is it alright? If you want to find out the information regarding Megaphone Arsenal, so you do not hesitate to keep staying on this page because in this article we are going to talk some information related Megaphone Arsenal. Just read the following text to find out the information you wanted.


Megaphone is one of taunts. Your character pulls a megaphone out and starts playing the sound ID/code that you set in the Locker. Usually, the default audio when chosen with no ID is the Apple Ringtone. This Megaphone was added into the game as part of the Brickbattle Update. For your information, the Brickbattle Update was released on January 11, 2019. The Brickbattle Update brought a new gamemode that based on the formerly famous Roblox game type and included the new weapons and maps specific to Brickbattle. Besides, it included more cosmetics; 8 skins, 8 kill effects, 4 weapons, 1 new emote, 3 new announcers, and 4 new Brickbattle weapons. The new cases were also added for alternative ways to unlock cosmetics.

If you search the information about Megaphone sound ID for Arsenal from your choice browser, then there you may will get the information about megaphone sound 1 by terribly_terrified. This is an audio which is categorized to all genres. The last updated of the audio was on January 20, 2019. The Roblox ID for this megaphone sound 1 by terribly_terrified is 2768513530. If you want to get this audio, so you are able to go to Libarary. Search and find this audio. Or simply, you are able to visit this link; After that, you are able to click at the green “Get” button to get this audio. You are able to get this audio freely because this audio is available for free.

Talking about one of taunts, Megaphone, now you may want to know another taunt. It is Cawfee. Your character is going to take out a Coffee Pitcher and be able to walk around slowly. Left clicking while taunting is going to prompt your character to swing the pitcher and yell quotes about making coffee. Getting killed while doing the taunt in the round is going to grant you the It’s a Mad House badge. Originally, this was from Vic Dibitetto, a New York born comedian who did a skit about creating coffee.

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