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Are you interested in playing the game of Airplane series in Roblox? If so, it is not strange because most of player also love for this game. However, the game of Airplanes series offers an enchanting and anti-mainstream game-play. Of course, that’s so normal if lots of player really love for this game. So, do you know for Roblox Airplane series for all endings?

As we know that Airplane game is the first game available in Airplane series. This game focuses to tell a story of a civilian flight home after a vacation. Airplane series game can be called as a horror story game that give the challenge for player. In fact, many Roblox players have a high curiosity to try playing any genre game.

Roblox Airplane game was created by Ponchokings on August 2019. This game recently has been visited more than 81 million users. The story in this game starts when there is something suddenly wrong in a flight. The Airplane series has two parts: Airplane 1 Endings and Airplane 2 Endings. Of course, each ending of Airplane is telling the different story.

Airplane 1 Endings

This part is divided the all endings into 6 goals. They are:

  • Good Ending: This story can be accessed in normal story. You are able to become co-pilot and refuse the Monster’s offer to break the plane.
  • Bad Ending: This is really similar with good ending in which you are allowed to be a pilot. Certainly, you can choose the option to crash the plane or not. Then, if you are a pilot in this ending, definitely the Ronald let you “Rule The Underworld With Him”.
  • Secret Ending: This will appear in the back right corner of the plane. In this story, you will lead to the Secret Ending, as a black space with the Monster in the back. This secret ending as the name will end in Airplane secretly which give an exclusive badge.
  • Solo Ending: This will run to one only player on a server. In this ending, the monster will express his anger. Then, the player will prevent him from killing him/her using the energy.
  • Monster Ending: In this ending, the monster has for about 60 seconds to run around the plane. The monster also use the exclusive claws item drain the health of the other players.
  • Halloween Ending: Unfortunately, we cannot give the explanation for this ending because it is unlocked by unknown.

Airplane 2 Endings

This is the second Airplane series which has the different ending from Airplane 1 endings. Here they are:

  • Bad Ending: This happens when the player grabs the gun at the end of Airplane 2 option. The player focuses to shoot the President Ronald which will lie dead in the floor.
  • Jail Ending: This kind of ending is accomplished in which the player takes the gun to decide not to shoot. In this case, President Ronald will give thanks to the player for not shooting him.
  • Good Ending: This ending goal is to make the monster lying down on the floor. This can happen when the player grabs the gun to shoot the Agent.
  • Halloween Ending: This focuses on finding all 5 pumpkins, a cutscene plays and show the player’s head on Headless Horseman’s bundle. This will end with a unique scene saying, “HAPPY HALLLOWEEN”.

Well, those are the all endings of Airplane game series. This definitely will help you to choose the best ending for you.

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