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If you like playing the game of Ro Ghoul, you may will be familiar with Demon Yamada. As we know that Demon Yamada is a quinque that created from Demon Yamada’s, known as the Investigator Killer’s, kakuhou. For your information, the kakuhou it was created from is a bikaku.

Apparently, Demon Yamada only has one stage. It is a butcher-like sword that can glows when you use it. By the way, how much the price of Demon Yamada? It can be purchased for 5,000,000 Yen. Or you can also purchase it for 250 Robux.


  • Click: You are able to slash your enemy with a slight delay. It is going to glows whenever the ability is used.
  • E: You are able to lunge forward. Does slightly more than clicking.
  • R: You are able to lunge and Chop forward. Does more than clicking.
  • F: You are able to spin and chop with the blade. This is the same as 13’s Jason’s F ability. Besides, it also has a huge hitbox. Does significantly more than clicking, E and R.

As we said before that Demon Yamada is one of Quinques. For your information, Quinques are weapons that created from ghoul’s kagune. The Quinques weapons radiate electrical signals that will stimulate the Kakuhou. Usually, the Quinque is able to be made into different types of melee and ranged weapons. However, most retain a few characteristics from the original kagune. In fact, the quinques cannot change the shape, nor store or absorb RC Cells. Besides Demon Yamada, you may also want to know other Quinques weapons. They are C-Katana, Eyepatch, Clipped Wing, Doujima, 13’s Jason, IXA, Narukami, T-Human, Rotten Follow, Kura, Scorpion 1/56, Kajiri, Kaika, Ginkui, SSS Owl and  Arata.


It is the starting quinque. Every new players are going to get this C-katana when they starting their CCG save file. The C-Katana has a size smaller than Ginkui. We getinformation that this quinque is respected an Original Creation. However, it seems to draw inspiration from the quinques Yukimura 1/3 and Tsunagi. The C-Katana only has one stage. It is a katana with a black handle, a black and glowing color blade as well a square-shaped guard.


It is an OC rinkaku quinque which based on Ken Kaneki’s kagune. So, creating this quinque non-canon. The Eyepatch is overall mostly a close range Quinque and is rated B/A. For your information, this Eyepatch quinque has 2 stages. The first stage has two kakuhous and the second stage has four kakuhous.


It is an Ukaku-type Quinque that created from Touka Kirishima’s kakuhou. It is able to be seen as one of the starter quinques which available in Ro-Ghoul. For your information, the Clipped Wing has only 1 stage, but it has 2 modes.


It is Amon Koutarou’s quinque. It was the secret CCG weapon update. This Doujima was broken in its first stage during the first fight against Ken Kaneki. However, later repaired using the Bin Brothers’ kagune, becoming the second stage of doujima.

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