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CCG or the Commission of Counter Ghoul is a federal agency in the Tokyo Ghoul series that serves to oppose Ghouls and investigate any incidents involving Ghouls. You have to know that in Ro-Ghoul, the CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul) is a playable faction that you are able to select and create a save on.


To combat Ghouls, the CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul) use the weapons known as Quinques. Based on the research, these Quinques weapons are created from Ghoul’s Kagunes, using electrical signals which stimulate the Kakuhou to release and control it. They are able to be in both melee or ranged form, but most retain a few characteristics from the original kagune. Because Quinque weapons are simply dead cells, so they cannot change shape nor store or absorb Rc cells, staying in more or less the same state that they were in once they were taken from the Ghoul.


You have to know that Arata is a series of auto-equipping Quinque that originally created from a Ghoul of the same name. For your information, Arata come in some levels. But, all of them massively increase the wearer’s physical abilities to the point where they are able to keep up with SS or even SSS rated ghouls momentarily, with a warning that the Arata slowly eats away at them.


Quinx are the humans implanted with a Kakuhou that gives them a Kagune they are able to use and release, though it is held back by the frames to prevent them from losing control. Apparently, they have one Kakugan (red eye, a phenomenon triggered by the RC cells activating). In Ro-Ghoul, it works as an ability from an Investigator that can use with their Quinque, but it cannot be used if the user has Arata active.


This is the ranking system for CCGs. You have to note that CCGs are ranked from Rank 3 Investigator to the Special Class Investigator.

Rank Required Reputation
Rank 3 Investigator 0 Reputation
Rank 2 Investigator 25,000 Reputation
Rank 1 Investigator 50,000 Reputation
First Class Investigator 100,000 Reputation
Associate Special Class Investigator 250,000 Reputation
Special Class Investigator 750,000 Reputation

In addition, here we are going to explain about the CCG Lab. It is a laboratory that located in the High City. The CCG Lab is shown with a dark-gray color and a CCG logo above the entrance. Upon entering, you as the players are going to enter into a large room with quinque steel reserves to the left and three tables lined up on the wall to the right. In this room, the players of CCG are able to change their Quinque at the center table or upgrade their Arata at the NPC. Going through the door on the right is going to you into another room. You have to know that this second room has more tables and a few more reserves of quinque steel. In the far left corner of the first room, you are able to use the elevator to go up a floor to a new room.

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