Rich vs Poor Roblox Social Experiment

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Are you as a noob or veteran player in Roblox? Certainly, either a noob or a veteran has different experience during playing Roblox. We believe if you are as a noob, it is probably hard to find friends even you are called as the poor person. Most of Roblox players will accept the rich person as their friends. Do you believe it? If you are doubt for this case, definitely we will explain the Rich VS Poor Social Experiment to prove it.

This kind of social experiment is showed on some YouTube Channel. The owners of YouTube Channel who want to show the social experiment are usually as the veteran Roblox player for long time, but they are disguised as the noob. The goal of this social experiment is to know how kind the other players are in Roblox to be a friend. This social experiment holds two subjects, they are as a rich and poor person. Basically, the researcher will hold both of them.

The social experiment of Roblox will show a player who is looking for new friends in Roblox and ask the other players to be his/her friends. For the first, the character/research presents as a poor person. It can be seen on his/her appearance as the common people without any accent on his/her clothes. Indeed, this appearance will show that he/she is a poor player. Why? As we know that to get the adorable items, some accents and cute clothes, you must have much Robux to buy it. Meanwhile, if you just wear the default or common clothes, it will means that you unable to buy those adorable items for your appearance.

Then, this social experiment is to know whether other people will accept him/her as a friend even though poor or not. Why are you as a poor person in this experiment? In fact, if you are as a rich person, everyone in this world will want to be your friend at all without doing any experiment, won’t you? If you do not believe it yet, we will prove through the rich vs poor social experiment.

As we have described above, we conclude the result of this social experiment sourced from some YouTube Channel in which the result is almost same. On the video, the social experiment is held to be asking other people if they want to be friends or not. The character said as a poor person is imagined as the common people, especially for appearance. Furthermore, a poor person usually wear the ordinary and improvise clothes. It is different from the rich person in which he/she wears the beautiful clothes with attractive accent so that he/she has good looking appearance.

How is the result? There is an expecting circumstance which makes the Roblox players will not believe it anymore.As Roblox player, you will not believe that the poor person is totally declined as friends, but if you are as a rich person, the other players will accept you as their new friends. If you want to watch this social experiment, please visit this link to get more:

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