How Much Money Do You Get for a 30 Times of Playing Bloxburg but Not in a Row

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Why do you love the game of Bloxburg in Roblox? What things you will get when you are playing Roblox? And how much money have you gotten during playing Roblox? Is it real when you play Bloxburg for 30 times, you will get reward? Ok, to avoid your curiosity for that issue, we hope you can keep staying on this page.

As we know that Bloxburg has become the most favorite game in Roblox. However, in Bloxburg, you are allowed to do anything which can get rid of your stress. There are many things in Bloxburg that you can do or get, so you will fell so cozy to keep playing this game. It is also related to the amount of money that you will get if you are playing Bloxburg. The amount of money in Bloxburg is determined based on how much times you play Bloxburg. So, this offer will triggers many users to play Bloxburg for several times.

However, Bloxburg offers the player to get money if they visit and play Robux in a row without a single day gone by. Generally, Bloxburg will give you money as daily reward every day for 5 days in a row. The amount of money that you will get every day is totally different. Here is the simulation of daily reward!

  • Day 1: You will get R$100.
  • Day 2: You will get R$200.
  • Day 3: You will get R$500.
  • Day 4: You will get R$ 1,000.
  • Day 5: You will get 20 BS

The money, you will get every day in 5 days in a row without absent. If you do not visit and play Bloxburg in third day, automatically, the amount of money will be back into first day. So, make sure that you always visit and play Bloxburg every day if you want to get daily reward.

Then, there are many players who always ask in some forums in how much money they will get for 30 times not in a row. But, not many members can answer the question accurately and with certainty. It is because there is not an official rule of Bloxburg that confirms the certain amount of money will be gotten even though they vist Bloxburg not a row. It means that the money and reward will be received if you visit Bloxburg in a row even you have visited Bloxburg for 30 times.

But, Bloxburg differentiate the daily reward for 5 days and 30 days. If we talked that you will get money for 5 days in daily with a row, but for 30 times, you will get trophy as the rewards. But, we can know the price of trophy. Then, if you want to know how much money do you get for 30 times of playing Bloxburg, here is the simulation:

  • 7 Days: $5,000
  • 14 Days: $7,500
  • 30 Day: $20,000

But once more, you will not get the money and rewards if you do not visit and play the Bloxburg not in a row. So, make sure that you always keep playing Bloxburg daily to get money and rewards. Good Luck!

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