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You may often heard about free Robux or Robux bonus in certain websites. What do you do if you find offer about free Robux or Robux bonus? You may be happy to hear that and you will do anything to get free Robux of Robux bonus from those kind of websites or we can call it as Robux generators.

However, do you know that actually there is no Robux generator? Roblox give statement in Roblox website in the Help section that there is no Robux generator. If you find websites which offer free Robux or Robux bonus, it is a scam. So, you have to be careful with these kinds of sites. If you want to earn Robux legally, you have to obey Roblox rules that you have to buy Robux from Robux page on Roblox, selling items, getting it from membership, selling game passes, selling game access, and some other methods.

When you open your browser and then you search Rbx bonus.info in your search bar, then one of the results that you will get is a site named Gainbux which can be accessed at www.rbx.world. This site is same as other websites which offer free Robux. You have to login to the site and then after you login, you will have to do something to get points and then you can cash out by exchanging your points.

If you want to start earning Robux in this site, you are able to click on Click Here To Start Here Now button which is in blue color in the site. After that, you will be asked to register. In the register page, you will have to enter username, email and password. Then, click on Register button. If you have registered in that site, you just need to login. How to login to that site? You have to click on Login button besides Forgot Password button. After that, you will be directed to the login page where you have to enter your username and also your password.

As you are able to read in that site that Gainbux is not affiliated with any of the games including Roblox. So, if you want to get Robux, it is better for you to get it from a trusted places as Roblox suggests. If you get it from places which are not trusted, we are afraid that it is a scam.

It is important to know that sometimes there are websites which offer free Robux and then you see that as if you get it. When you check it, you see that your balance is added. You need to know that sometimes it just tricks you. When you try to buy something on Roblox, Roblox may deny your purchase because your Robux is not valid.

On another case, when you get Robux from untrusted places, you will asked to do surveys, downloading apps, or watch some videos. Then, after you do those things and wait for a long time, you do not get the Robux. So, if you want to get Robux, you must be earn it based on what Roblox said.

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