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In Roblox, there is a game named Plane Crazy. In that game, you are able to have a chance to make your own vehicles such as helicopter, plane, car and so on. Now, you probably want to know about car in this game. So, we are going to inform you about it.

If you want to know how to make a car in Plane Crazy game, you are able to watch some video tutorials in Youtube. There are some videos that you are able to watch and those are Plane Crazy Realistic Car Chasis Tutorial by Brikzay uploaded on NOvember 27th, 2018; Drag Racing Cars | Plane Crazy Builds by Integex uploaded on January 29th, 2019; How to Make A RaceCar In Place Crazy by Integex uploaded on December 19th, 2018; How to Make a Car in Plane Crazy [Roblox] by Charlotte Ralph uploaded on October 1st, 2018; Plane Crazy Roblox How to Make a Flying Car by Lego_499 uploaded on December 16th, 2018; How to Make a Simple Car (Roblox Plane Crazy) by DonovanX3 RB uploaded on April 4th, 2019 and many more.

In the video, you will be shown how to make car in Plane Crazy and you need to watch the video until the end to know how to make it well. Even you are able to make a pencil car. It is a car with the form is the same as pencil. The tutorial can be watched in a video of BlueBoxGaming entitled Pencil Car [Tutorial] Plane Crazy which was uploaded on March 31st, 2019 and now it has been watched more than 3,000 times.

If you want to make vehicles, there are wheels options and these wheels are best used with cars. Those are the wheel, the ball wheel and the small and tiny landing gears. For your information, the two landing gears are in different heights and the tiny landing gear goes down one block while the small landing gear goes down two. You are able to find steering on both of them. It seems that the ball wheel goes in the direction you are going.

When you build vehicles, there are parts that you have to use. It is important for you to know that the parts are not infinite and have a limit which is mostly 1500. The parts that you are able to use to build vehicles such as car are Blocks, Wedges, Wedges2, Helium Blocks, Lights, Balls, and Cylinders. Types of blocks consist of Beam 1×4, Beam 1×7, Block, Block 1×0.9 and Paint Block. Type of Wedges are Corner Wedge, Half Wedge, Inner Wedge, Pyramid Wedge, Triangle Wedge, Wedge, and many more. The types of Wedges2 are LCorner Wedge, LCorner Wedge 1×3, RCorner Wedge, RCorner Wedge 1×3 and many more. The types of Helium Blocks include Helium Block and Helium Beam 1×4. The types of Lights are Half Light Block, Light, SpotLight and Wing Light. The types of Balls are Ball, Ball 2×2 and Ball 3×3. The types of Cylinders are Cylinders, Cylinders 2×2, Cylinders 3×3, Cylinders 5×5 and Cylinders2 2×2.

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