How to Get a Star in Roblox

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What is Roblox video stars program? As we know that in Roblox there is a program named Roblox video stars. It is also well known as Video stars. Simply, it is a program of Roblox in which Roblox YouTubers are recognized by Roblox.

In this case, if you are part of the Roblox Video Stars group, so you are going to get the opportunities to assist Roblox employees with different things. You would be able to receive the Video Creator Top Hat and one year of free Outrageous Builders Club. Aside from that, you as the member of Video Stars, in this program can be identified in games because you have a star next to your name in the player list. Besides, during the Pizza Party event, you would be able to get the Video Star Pizza Launcher, and during the Egg Hunt 2019, you got the Video Star Egg Launcher.

By the way, how to get a Star in Roblox? For those who want to know its information, so you are able to continue to read this article until end. For getting a star in Roblox Video stars program, of course you need to be a member of Roblox Video stars program. For this case, we remind you that Roblox Video stars program is an invite only program for select developers on the platform of Roblox. So, we are able to say that the Roblox video stars program is specially designed for the Roblox developers who want to grow and expand the license of their intellectual property related to their Roblox games in Roblox platform.

Maybe, some of you still be confuse and want to know more detail regarding how to get a Star in Roblox. Now, you are able to try to go to the page of Roblox video starts program on Roblox site. There you are able to see some information about Roblox video starts program. It state that to get a Star in Roblox, you have to be a member of Roblox Video Star. Then, you will be able to get a Star icon for free after you got verified from Roblox. But, you have to know that it will only show on your client. So, this is only you who are able to see the icon star. Additionally, if you record several videos or play with your friends, you have to give a big shootout to everyone who joined you in your server.

For those who cannot be a member of Roblox video starts program and you cannot get a star in Roblox, you may still want to support a creator. If you want to support a creator, you can do it when buying stuff on Roblox by using a Creator Code. For this case, you can put in a code that represents a video star while you are purchasing Robux or BC (Builders Club). After that, if the code is correct, and you buy something, so the content video star will get some money from your purchase.

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