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Heroes Online is such a cool supernatural fighting game made by the Bloxxit Studios development group. This game is based on the popular franchise named My Hero Academia. At first, it initially required a paid access fee of 25 Robux in order to play before its free release on August 16, 2019.

In the game named Heroes Online, every player will start out in the Hosu City area and needs to grind to level 100 before being able to move onto the Beast’s Forest area. After another 100 levels there, they may finally move onto USJ for the last 100. All the players are able to fight mobs and other players on the enemy side.

Heroes Online has codes that can be redeemed in order to get the prizes. The new codes for Heroes Online are divided into two. The first one is the working codes and the second one is the expired codes. Here is the valid or working codes for Heroes Online.

Date Code Spins Source Reason
8/16/2019 Release! 10 Common Twitter Free Release
8/16/2019 Ultima 1 Epic Twitter 130k Likes
8/17/2019 Commoner 1 Epic Twitter 149k Likes
8/18/2019 NightFame 5 Rare Twitter 150k Likes
8/18/2019 20k 1 Epic Twitter 160k Likes
8/19/2019 Phoenixxxx 5 Common Youtube Phoenix Exclusive
8/20/2019 GearGearNoMi 5 Rare Twitter 170k Likes

As stated before, there are also the expired codes of Heroes Online. You need to know about the expired codes to prevent the use of them. Please keep in mind that the expired codes will not give you anything so it is better for you to not to use any of the expired Heroes Online codes as you will just waste your time and energy.

Date Code Spins Source Reason
3/31/2019 Overhaul 5 Common Youtube 25k Subscribers  plus Overhaul Release
4/05/2019 IhaveLegs 2 Rare Youtube 77k Likes
4/13/2019 NotUs 1 Epic Twitter 80k Likes
4/18/2019 Herogame 2 Rare Twitter 82k Likes
4/27/2019 CraftYou 3 Rare Twitter 85k Likes
5/09/2019 Delux 2 Rare Twitter 87k Likes
5/18/2019 Endgame 10 Epic Youtube 90k Likes plus Endgame Event
5/19/2019 30K! 2 Rare Twitter 30k Subscribers + 92k Likes
5/19/2019 MaineGame 3 Rare Code IbeMaine Exclusive
5/24/2019 Thrones 3 Rare Twitter 95k Likes
5/26/2019 Le3000 2 Rare Twitter 97k Likes
5/31/2019 Avengers! 1 Epic Guessing Secret Code
5/31/2019 Assemble! 1 Epic Guessing Secret Code
6/06/2019 Avengers Assemble! 3 Epic Twitter 100k Likes
6/09/2019 July 5 Rare Twitter 105k Likes
6/09/2019 iNtErNeT 1 Epic Twitter 110k Likes
7/13/2019 iMbAcK 5 Rare Twitter 115k Likes
7/14/2019 Sixteenth 5 Common Youtube Update
7/19/2019 ShootStyle! 5 Common Youtube Update
7/21/2019 KiddStan 3 Rare Code KiddStanExclusive
7/21/2019 TerraBlox 3 Rare Code TerraBlox Exclusive
7/22/2019 mySoundAcademia 5 Common Youtube Sound update in Heroes Online
7/22/2019 DamagePlayz 3 Rare Youtube DamagePlayz Exclusive
7/25/2019 Rising 1 Epic Twitter 120k Likes
8/06/2019 Anniversary! 1 Epic Twitter Anniversary
8/09/2019 7Days 5 Rare Twitter 125k Likes, 7 Days until Release
8/19/2019 NewMap! 10 Epic Guessing New Map Update! (Around 2 – 3 Hpurs Expired)

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