Roblox Plane Crazy Tutorial

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You may need a tutorial when you play this game. Now, we are going to show you how to build your first vehicle in Plane Crazy game. So first, you have to open the build menu by clicking the orange Build button that is located in the bottom left. Next, you have to build the base of your plane. Click to place blocks and then you can build along the transparent line of blocks.

After that, you will see yellow marker. That is the plane center of mass. If you put the plane on a seesaw with this point right in the middle, it would stay completely level. It moves towards heavy parts. Now, your plane needs wings. You have to click the wing icon which is located on the left to open the wings tab and then click on the Wing Panels button. After that, you will use the 1×2 Wing panels. For your information, it automatically chooses the first item when you open something.

Now, you need to place the wings on the plane where it is shown. If your plane has lift, but it still has no way to turn, you can add control Surface. Choose the Control Surface from the Build menu. After that you have to place the controls in the 5 highlighted locations. Make sure that you do not forget the vertical tail wing. You are able to use R, T and Y to rotate the chosen part. If you see the blue marker, it is the center of lift. It is like your plane is being held up from this point by a piece of string. It moves towards wings.

When you make it, your plane will need an engine. So, you are able to switch to the engine tab of the build menu. Then, you have to select the propellor engine and then place it on the front of the plane. The center of mass and center of lift should line up as closely as possible, or else your plane could be unstable. Now, you have to select the delete tool by using the red button in the bottom left of the screen.

Now, you have to click a block to delete it. You have to delete the two blocks at the rear of the plane. You need to know that the red X is the delete all button but now we do not need that. You also need to know that the Center of Lift and Mass line up or else your plane will not fly straight. The plane will fly straight as the lift and mass indicators are close together. Now, you can enter build mode again and then click the Other tab on the left. You can choose the seat and put it on top of the plane.

Now, you plane is ready. You are able to click the green button in the lower left to go to the runway and then fly it. You can hold W to increase power and S to decrease. You can move the mouse up or down and left or right to control your direction.

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