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Roblox allows the user to create, share, and play the games online with other Roblox users. It is a lot of fun when you can build things on the Roblox platform. But need to note that if you want to create a game, you must learn how to script. Also, with a script, you can get more experience on the game. At this time, we will inform you of a script called My Hero Blockidemia Auto Level Up Script. It is one of the scripts that many Roblox players are looking for. Check it out right now.

What is a Script?

Before we talk about My Hero Blockidemia Auto Level Up Script, we want to explain what a script is. For your information, scripts are lines of code that consist of instructions for a game to follow. In the Roblox platform, you can use scripts to do everything such as giving or taking health points of the player, adding ability, making some objects move, or anything you want. Lua is a programming language that is used by Roblox.

My Hero Blockidemia Auto Level Up

Apparently, there are three types of scripts in Roblox. Here are they:

  • Server Script

Server script is a script which is stored on the server. With this script, all players can see actions in a game.

  • Local Script

Local script is a script which is specific to a single player. With this script, only one player can see actions in a game.

  • Module Script

Module script is a script that consists of frequently used script functions and can be used by other scripts. With this script, you can set frequently used code so that you do not need to copy and paste code or reuse the same code in several scripts.

My Hero Blockidemia Auto Level Up Script

Now, you may be curious about what My Hero Blockidemia Auto Level Up Script is. Based on the research, there are many Roblox players who look for and use this script. Surely, this script is very beneficial. If you like playing the game of My Hero Blockidemia, we are sure that you really want to know the script. This My Hero Blockidemia Auto Level Up Script allows you to level up in the game automatically. Yeah, it is very attractive.

Here is the script:

–// Exploit Fix \\–

if not pcall(function() return syn.protect_gui end) then

syn = {}

syn.protect_gui = function(A_1)

A_1.Parent = game:GetService(“CoreGui”)



–// Service \\–

local Players = game:GetService(“Players”)

–// Variable \\–

local Player = Players.LocalPlayer

–// UI Library \\–

local Library = loadstring(game:HttpGetAsync(‘’))()

local Window = Library:CreateWindow(“Hero by Ezpi#0474”)


text = “Enabled”,

callback = function()

while Library.flags.Enabled do

local Remote = Player:FindFirstChild(“Fired”, true)

if Remote then

Remote:FireServer(55, 0)

Remote:FireServer(55, 10)









In the text above, we share My Hero Blockidemia Auto Level Up Script. Now, you can use the script to automatically level up in the game.

Getting More Scripts

After you know My Hero Blockidemia Auto Level Up Script, now you may want to know more Roblox scripts. If you want to get more scripts, there are many websites you can visit. One of them is It is a site made for your scripting needs. On the site, you will be able to find the best and safest scripts to be used. For your information, Getexploits is not affiliated with the Roblox Corporation. All images and texts are only used as references. In addition, to get more scripts, you can also try to find them on our site. Usually, on this site, we also share other Roblox scripts. So, find them right now.

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