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Almost all games on Roblox have scripts containing instructions for a game to follow that can usually be used to increase a player’s skill, improve a player’s health points, do everything from giving or taking something away, etc. So as with Combat Warriors on Roblox, this fighting game offers some of the newest scripts.

The newest Combat Warriors scripts have some overpowered things that can be used to kill auras, like auto parry, infinite parry, and even some stuff like aimbot for Bose. If you happen to play Combat Warrior and are looking for the scripts, you’re on the right page since we’ll show them to you below.

Combat Warrior Scripts to Kill Auras and Parry

If you want to kill all auras and parry in Combat Warrior, you can use the following script:


To use the script, you’ll need one of the reliable Roblox exploits you wish—Fluxus, krnl, Synapse X, and more. If you have not yet downloaded it, you need to do so first. Using the script allows you to easily get more points when playing Combat Warrior.

After the exploit is installed, you can simply go ahead and jump into Roblox, then play Combat Warrior as well as the exploit you’ve downloaded. Then, you need to copy and paste the Combat Warrior Kill Aura and Parry script into the box you can find within the executor.

After it is done, you can then click on “Attach/Inject” followed byExecute, and the script GUI will appear. Now, you can go ahead and play the game and turn on the hacks you want.

What Can You Do in Combat Warrior with the Kill Aura and Auto Parry Script?

Combat Warrior’s Kill Aura and Auto Parry scripts are considered to have really good GUIs in the game. With these scripts, you can get many wonderful things that may be impossible to happen if you don’t use them.

Combat Warriors Script for Auto Parry - Kill Aura - Kill All

On some gaming forums and YouTube channels, many players shared their experiences when using these scripts. Overall, they really get the gems in the game. Here are the things you will get if you use kill aura and auto parry scripts in Combat Warrior:

  • Able to disable all different things, like infinite jump.
  • Able to fall without damage.
  • Have your walk speed and jump over, leading you to walk around fast.
  • Turn up the speed.
  • Never get banned for using these scripts.
  • Have jump power every time you want to jump pretty high.
  • Kill a bunch of people.
  • Etc.

It’s important to note that if you want to look legit in the game with these scripts, never turn on the walk speed since you’ll be completely fine. Using kill auras and auto parry scripts is very important because, when you use them, your enemies will not kill you. Otherwise, if you do not have auto-parry and do not use the scripts, anyone can kill you in the game.

On Combat Warrior, you can also go over and walk up to people. Whenever you are within like 10 studs of them, your enemies are going to start taking damage, so as you can see right there.

To defeat your enemies in Combat Warrior, you can really use anti-parry auto-parry. Then, you can just fly in the air, and on top of all that, you have a killing aura. However, if you fly in the air, your enemies cannot even hit you.

When using the scripts, you also have to look at how many settings you have—the settings can be found on the bottom right side of the game. Of course, you can really adjust the settings as much as possible to appropriately run the scripts.

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