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Exotics is named as the most popular tiers in Assassin. This one is an orange color and the third rarest ier to obtain. There are a few ways of obtaining one. The first one is unboxing, the second one is trading, the third one is Robux packs (limited), and the fourth one is competitive modes (limited).

Among the exotics weapons, there is a thing called Lucky Axe Assassin. What is Lucky Axe Assassin? Lucky Axe Assassin is the name of one of the exotic weapons. The only way to get this weapon is to trade.

The other exotic weapons that can be only traded are  2019 Blade, Abyssal Mace, Abyssal Spine, Azure, Bat Scythe, Birthday Blade, Blizzard, Bloom, Bone Axe, Bone Scythe, Candy Blade, Chaos Axe, Corrupted Axe, Crescendo, Crystal Blade, Cutlass, Dark Blade, Defender, Doombringer, Earthern Blade, Eggbeater, Electro Saw, Electron, Elegant Blade, Emerald Knight, Faun, Flame Mace, Flamebrand, Frost Dragon, Gilded, Hallow’s Axe, Heartbreaker, Holiday Blade, Holiday Saber, Ice Slasher, Jolly Blade, Krampus, Lord Sinister, Lucky Blade, Magma Lord, Molten Core, Nightmare, Neptune, Neutron, Ocean Blade, Orinthian Axe, Possessed Axe, Pot o’ Gold, Pumpkin King, Reaper Axe, Royal Egg, Sapphire, Shamrock, Skeleton King, Sky Lord, Slayer, Soul, Spark, Spring Saber, Techno, Undead Lord, and Vampire.

If you are curious about the other exotic weapons, here is the list of the rest along with the ways to get them.

Name Ways to Get
Ancient Steel Trading or Heroic Case
Archangels Trading or Elite or Sturdy
Bandit Trading or Unboxing
Crypto Trading or Crafting or Elite or Sturdy
Cupid VIP
Dark Claw Trading or Crafting
Dark Crystal Blade Trading or Unboxing
Dawnstar Unobtainable
Dragon Breath Trading or Crafting or Case 2
Egg Claymore Trading or Crafting
Epic Blue Trading or Crafting or Case 5
Epic Blue Trading or Heroic Case
Faerie Trading or Heroic Case
Fairy Axe Trading or Case 4
Flower Killer Trading or Heroic Case
Fury Trading or Crafting or Elite or Sturdy
Gem Trading or Heroic Case
Golden Eagle Trading or Crafting or Case 1
Hunter Trading or Heroic Case
Ice Dagger Crafting or Elite or Sturdy
Ice Lord Trading or Crafting
Lava Blade Trading or Crafting or Case 3
Leaf Dagger Trading Only or Nature Bundle
Misfortune Crafting or Elite or Sturdy
Paladin Trading or Unboxing
Phantom Trading or Unboxing
Pharoah Trading or Case 5
Proton Trading or Crafting
Ruby Trading or Heroic Case
Shadow Trading or Elite or Sturdy
Starlight Trading or Crafting
Steampunk Trading or Crafting
Striker Trading or Crafting
Synergy Trading or Unboxing
Unicorn Trading or Crafting

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