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LeMonde is an airlines on Roblox which is German-based. This airlines is founded by EuroMalik and he is known in real life as Daniel Einfeldt. This airlines opened in May 2014 and now it has more than 21k members which make it become the second biggest Robloxian based airline and is growing at a considerable rate.

In 2016, this airlines changed the motto into ‘Connecting The World-LeMonde’. The word ‘LeMonde’ comes from French and the meaning of it is ‘the world’. This airlines is popular for their quality flights and customer service. In the early time of creating it, this airlines does not really big. They have only 340 members as of October 24th, 2014. But now, this airlines has been growing and has more than 21k members.

For your information, On October 26th, 2014 this airlines had 346 members and 251 of them were Passengers. If you access the LeMonde Airlines group on Roblox, you will be able to see in the description section that they are European airline and therefore they mainly host flights in the European-based timezones. Furthermore, there are some information about LeMonde including the time to flight. They mainly host flight within:

  • 16.00 GMT – 21.00 GMT on Mon – Fri.
  • 9.00 GMT – 22.00 GMT on Sat – Sun.

LeMonde is the gateway to the world as it is written on the description of this group. They will leave you satisfied through the experience and superior quality that they give to you. Your needs are their priority which makes their goal pure and holds the backbone of why they are still flying today. If you have any complaints, you are able to direct message a higher rank.

Is there any website of LeMonde Airlines? If you need some information about LeMonde Airlines, you may go to a website at lmdair.com but when we tried to access it, it seems that this website does not work anymore but you can try it to check it. If you need some information about LeMonde Airlines, you are able to visit Roblox Wiki and you can make it as one of reasources where you are able to get some information about LeMonde. Besides Roblox Wiki, you are also able to follow the twitter account of the creator at @danieleinfeldt. In this Twitter account, you are able to find updates, support and also information from them the fastest way possible. Also, make sure that you join the group LeMonde Airlines on Roblox.

LeMonde Airlines also has Youtube channel. The name of the Youtube channel is LeMonde Airlines and now it has more than 2.9k subscribers. It is known that this Youtube channel has joined since December 20th, 2014 and now the total views of this channel is more than 68k times of views. You may wonder what we can see in the video. In LeMonde Airways Youtube channel, you are able to find some videos including LeMonde Airlines – Legends Are Made, The New Airbus A321 – NEO (ad), Our New Boeing 787-8 and many more.

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