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In the Roblox chat, you are able to give command so that your avatar can do something there. To be able yo give command, there will be a formula and also the commands that you have to know. If you want to use Kohls Admin House and Person299 commands, you also need to know the commands and how to use it. In this article, we are going to inform you about it.

Person299 admin command script is a command script which was created by Person299 in 2008. Now, this script is the most popular admin command script that has been created on Roblox. It has been republished countless times and it is now the most republished model on Roblox. In the script, there is a list of the users who are permitted to use the commands and they are called as administrators. If one of these users chats something that the script recognizes as a command, the script will execute the command.

Here are the commands of Person299 but based on Roblox Wiki some of them stopped functioning around 2013.

  • commands. It can show a list of all the commands.
  • fix. It can fix the script in most cases if it is broken.
  • kill/ player. It will kill the player.
  • loopkill/player. It will repeatedly kill the player.
  • unloopkill/player. It will cancel the effect on the loopkill command on the player.
  • heal/player. It will be able to heal the player to his or her maximum health.
  • damage/player/damage. It can reduce the health of player by the amount of damage specified.
  • health/player/health. It can change the health of player and maximum health to the number specified.
  • kick/player. It can remove the player from the game.
  • ban/player. It can remove the player from the game and prevents him or her from rejoining.
  • unban/player. It can cancel the effect of the ban command on the player.
  • bannedlist. It can display a list of all the banned users.
  • explode/player. It can make the character of the player explode.
  • rocket/player. It can strap a rocket on the back of player and the rocket will go up and then explode.
  • removetools/player. It can clean the backpack of player.
  • givetools/player. It can give all the tools in the starting tools to the player.

We only can share some of them. Now, we are going to share some of the Kohl Admin House Commands. Here they are:

  • :kill kohl — it will kill the player.
  • :respawn kohl — it will respawn the player.
  • :trip kohl — it will trip the player.
  • :stun kohl — it will stun the player.
  • :jump kohl — it makes the player jump.
  • :sit kohl — it makes the player sit.
  • :invisible kohl — it can make the player invisible.
  • :visible kohl — it can make the player visible.
  • :fire kohl — it can set the player on fire.

So, you are able to try the Person299 commands and also Kohl Admin commands above in the Roblox chat.

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