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Koala is the name of one of the largest and most active groups on Roblox. This one takes pride in being different, from the current boring genre of the typical “GlassCafes”. It is the game where you can have a job, own a  pet, make friends, and many more. There, you are able to server customers, rank up, own a pet, eat yummy food, party with friends, fly a plane, ride a boat, and make new friends.

There is a thing called Koala Cafe dizzy server. Koala Cafe dizzy server can refer to the error that occurs when the computer cannot establish the connection to the game server. This kind of thing could occur due to the following reasons. The first one is installed antivirus or firewall software, the second one is router settings that are blocking the connection, and the third one is ISP network devices that are blocking the connection.

In order to fix the Koala Cafe dizzy server you can try the following steps. First, try to completely disable the firewall or antivirus. As the alternative, remove it completely while you test the game. Second, if you use the router to connect to the internet and are capable of connecting directly without the router, please try to do so by connecting the computer directly to the appropriate LAN interface. Third, if you are also having issues connecting to the other internet sites or services, not just issues with accessing Warface, please try to contact the customer support of the internet service provider. You are recommended to describe the issue in detail and list the sites and services you are unable to access. Fourth, do the following:

  • Press “Start” and type “cmd” in the search field.
  • When the program “cmd.exe” shows up in the list, right click on it and choose “Run as administartor” in the menu that shows up.
  • In the opened window, enter the commands “ipconfig” or “flushdns”, and “netsh winsock reset”.
  • Restart the computer.

Fifth, perform the clean boot of the operating system. In order to perform the clean Windows boot, the first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you are logged into the system as the administrator. On the keyboard, hit the Win+R key combination. For those who do not have the slightly idea, Win is the key that looks like a Windows OS logo. In the window that opens, please type “msconfif.exe”. In the “System Configuration” window that shows up on the General tab, choose option “Selective Startup” and uncheck the “Load startup items” option. On the Service tab, you need to check the “Do not display Microsoft services” check box, and then click the “Disable All” button. Immediately before starting the game called Koala Cafe, please disable the programs that are not necessary for Windows (such as browsers, torrents, programs for communication), temporarily disable antivirus and firewall. If something does not seem right, you are able to return the startups settings to the original configuration.

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