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During you have been a Roblox user, have you ever heard about John Doe? John Doe is known as official test account that was made by CEO of Roblox named David Baszucki. He made it on June 25th, 2005. The name of John Doe refers to a male which is anonymous.

John Doe is not alone. There is also Jane Doe which is also official test account but Jane refers to an anonymous female. In the Roblox Creepypasta Wiki website, you are able to find some creepy stories about John Doe. One of them is a story that we will tell here.

In one of Roblox Creepypasta Wiki website pages, there is a story about a boy who plays Roblox with his friend. Then, they stumble across a game that do not look like something on Roblox. The game was named “John” and at first they thought that it is just a bug. Then, they view to see the creator and it turns out to the TheC0mmunity. Then, he gets curious so that he invites his other friend to the party and then they play this game.

Do you know what happen next? The place then is just blank. And when his friend is walking around he finds a black big square and then he walks in. Several seconds later, he leaves the game. After that, couple of his friends leaves to investigate why Josh left and then something shocking happens.

His friend, named Jack, says that Josh gets his Roblox account terminated or banned. He and his friends are shocked to find out that happening, then someone joined, two people. Those people are Jane and John Doe. The two of them are standing there and then the boy who tell this story walks up to them. They do not do anything but they stare at the black square. His friends are scared because he knows that John Doe is a hacker. But, the boy who tells this story is not scared. So, he stands up and says hello.

Then, his friends quickly pick up on that and say not to talk to him. After that, John Doe moves a tiny forward step for 1 millionsecond and the game shuts down. It is also same as his friends’ experience that the game shuts down. So, they decide to ignore it and then play RHS, but then every game is renamed to ‘You are next’ and the similar thing also happens to his friends. So, in this step, they just want to stop.

He joins RHS and it still has the thumbnail and the similar place comes up but with the RHS gui. Do you know what happen? The server is empty and there is only him with his remaining friends who are afraid and also John Doe. Then, John Doe starts to exploit the world and makes the skybox as himself. His friend, Jack, decides to leave the game and reinstall Roblox. After doing this, everything is normal but he does not know that John Doe can remove his limited items. The boy who tells about this story leaves the game but John Doe follows him everywhere. So, he makes a new account because of the limited items being removed.

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