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Data in Roblox is sorted and filtered in order to make the users easier to understand and access. Aside from that, sorting and filtering can help to find the information that the users need faster. By sorting and filtering on the board, every user is able to easily see the information that is most important to them without having to manually scroll through each single thing.

A thing called sorting arranges data alphabetically or numerically in ascending or descending order. Roblox sorts the game by Popular, Top Rated, Recommended, Featured, Rthro, Top Earning, Players Love, Most Engaging, Roleplay, Adventure, Fighting, Obby, Tycoon, Simulator, and Up and Coming.

In the Popular category, they include Pets Saber Simulator, Royale High, Furniture Adopt Me, Welcome to Bloxburg (Beta), Arsenal, EtoK3! Crab Ro-Ghoul, Mad City, Lifting Simulator, and so on. In the Top Rated category, they include Vesteria Beta, 11 Pro Texting, Welcome to Bloxburg (Beta), Bee Swarm Simulator, Restaurant Tycoon 2, Water Park World (Beta), Heroes Online, Broken Bones IV, and so on. In the Recommended category, they include Mansion Tycoon V2, (Beta) One Place: Legendary, Restaurant Tycoon 2, Lifting Simulator, Creator Challenge Quiz, Roblox Creator Challenge, Lumber Tycoon 2, Pets Saber Simulator, and so on. In the Featured category, they include (Skins) Rise of Nations, Identity Fraud (Revamp), Flood Escape (Monthly), Ice Cream Van Simulator, Ro-Boxing, Project Lazarus: Zombies, (4 New Cars) Greenville Beta, Blox Hunt v2.7.5 Fall and New, and so on. In the Rthro category, they include (Peki Cans!) Pets World, (Family Home!) My Droplets, 3 X Event Woodchopping, X2 Magnet Simulator, Obby Rush, Super Bomb Survival, (4M+) Bounce, Heartbeat Hospital, and so on. In the Top Earning category, they include Welcome to Bloxburg (Beta), Furniture Adopt Me!, rolaye High, Pets Saber Simulator, Bee Swarm Simulator, Lifting Simulator, (EtoK3! Crab) Ro-Ghoul, Rogue Lineage (Kalvey), and so on. in the Players Love category, they include New Guardians, (EtoK3! Crab Ro-Ghoul, Rogue Lineage (Kalvey), Welcome to Bloxburg (Beta), (Tanks Fire) Car Crushers 2, (New Shop) Farm World, Vehicle Simulator (Beta), Assassin!, and so on. In the Most engaging category, they include Super Power Training, Theme Park Tycoon 2, Lumber Tycoon 2, (19 New Cars) Ultimate Driving, (EtoK3! Crab Ro-Ghoul, Welcome to Bloxburg (Beta), (Beta) One Piece: Legendary, and so on. In the Roleplay category, they include Welcome to Bloxburg (Beta), Dragon’ Life (Alpha), Work at a Pizza Place, and so on.

Filtering screens or separates out the unwanted materials. The filter in the database will hide of filter out the unwanted things displaying only the things that the users want to see. For example, the users do not want to see the blocked games. In this case, a filter will do its job quickly and easily.

Apparently, both filters and sorts are able to be combined, allowing to filter the data and control the sort order of the fields. For instance, the user might want to see the game related to Simulator sorted by the alphabet. An advanced filter and sort will create the table displaying the related information.

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