How to Unlock Crafting in Bloxburg

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In the Welcome to Bloxburg world, skills are important stats that are able to be increased by performing specific tasks. There are 10 skills in total in the game. Those include athletic, cooking, gaming, gardening, intelligence, music, painting, writing, programming, and crafting. Aside from programming, crafting has not been implemented yet.

How to unlock crafting in Bloxburg? Currently, there is no certain method to unlock crafting in Bloxburg. As stated before, crafting has not been implemented yet. All that you can do is to hope that in the future it is possible to unlock crafting when it gets released in the game. currently, there are only some speculations about crafting. Here are the details of the speculation.

  • A well-known theory is that it will involve creating furniture using the crafting bench or tools. It is said that the furniture could be added to the players inventory for later use. It is really possible that the unique one could be obtained through crafting. This skill is able to be important if you do not want to spend much money, however, it is not released yet. In addition, it is also possible that you will be able to craft smaller objects such as books, picture frames and additional instead of something big like couches, tables, and many more.
  • People believe crafting could potentially be a repairing skill, and similar to Sims, the player could be able to repair broken appliances with varying levels of success results.
  • When you look at the trophy, it is possible that crafting could require a screwdriver. However, it is likely that the skill will be needed to have the other materials as well, but is is still unknown what those other other materials could be.
  • Crafting might be scrapped altogether.

Some people believe that the players can do a crafting skill start from level basic such as making a flower from the paper, making a box from the cardboard or making a home from the stick. Please take a note that the skills in Welcome to Bloxburg are a way to unlock the new abilities which related to those skill types. Doing actions related to the theme of a skill is such a great way to increase it.

Once again, Welcome to Bloxburg needs to be upgraded by the developer of the game so all he players can enjoy the game fully. When it comes to the skills category, both crafting and programming are the ones that needed to be updated. In order to get update, do not forget to follow the social media of the developer or the creator of the game. As you probably know, Coeptus is the name of the creator of the game so it is better for you to follow this one to get the information about the game. Aside from that, you can get the information by joining the community of Bloxburg. This kind of community is a place where everyone can exchange the information.

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