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In Roblox, there is a thing named face. It is a Roblox item that you can be purchased from the catalog of Roblox. Actually, the face replaces the Robloxian’s head decal in many different unique styles. Simply, a face is purchasable decal that used for the character aesthetics.

We think that we need to use a face in Roblox. Freely we are able to use what any face we want. But, in other case, there are some Roblox players who do not want to have a face in Roblox. They want to remove their face in Roblox. By the way, how to remove face in Roblox? Do you ever remove your face in Roblox. Well, in this time, we are going to try to discuss about a way to remove face in the platform of Roblox. If you interested to know its information, just keep read this entire article.

To remove face in Roblox, firstly you have to At the first step, you have to open up Roblox studio. Then, you can choose any game template to start off. After that, please open toolbox and search any color screen. (blue screen, red screen, green screen, etc.). Now, you have to go to test and press “play”. While you press “play”, you have to set yourself up in the color screen. Afterwards, please press pause to makes your character frozen completely. Then, you need to go to view, and open explorer and properties. Please open workspace. In this case, if you see your ign or Player1, so you have to open that up. Immediately, you should see your body parts in there.

The next step that you have to do to remove your face in Roblox is to remove everything except for the hair, head, and body colors. After that, you are able to open head. After you have already done, you can continue to remove your face. Then, your head will have no face. In this step, you can zoom in just a bit. You still need to do some steps to finish this process. Now, you have to open up snipping tool and press new and snip the head only. Please do not forget to Save the image. The next step, you have to open up Click file and open to open it. You can open the picture by using snipped with snipping tool and use the line or curve tool. In this time, you can also make lines and curve them, make sure that you do it all around the head until it is all traced. The last step that you need to do to remove your face in Roblox is just click at save button to save it. Finally, you have already removed your face in Roblox.

In addition, if you want to get more information regarding a way to remove your face in Roblox platform, so you are able to send us an email for assistance. Or you can also ask it to the group or forum.

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