How to Make Roblox Faces and Sell

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A face is one of items in the platform Roblox item where it is able to be purchased from the catalog of Roblox. A face replaces the Robloxian’s head decal in lots of different unique styles. Simply, we are able to say that a face purchasable decal that used for the aesthetics of character.

When you are at this page, you may want to get some information regarding how to make a Roblox face and how to sell it. Apparently, you are at the right page because in this page we are going to discuss about that. So, please ensure that you are going to read this article until end so that you get the information you need. Based on the research, there are also many Roblox players especially the new Roblox players who look for this information.

So, what do you do to make Roblox face? You have to know that actually you are not able to make your own face on Roblox and put it on the catalog of Roblox for everybody to see and take for a payment of robux. Although you cannot do that, but you are able to make your own face by going into the files of Roblox on your computer and change the default face into a face you want by changing the image.

There is another option to make a Roblox face (decal) on the platform of Roblox, it is by going to develop. Then, click decals and insert your image. Next, click create. After you have created your Roblox face decal, so you are able to go to Roblox Studio and insert a script. Please code the script into making it so whenever you enter that game, the script will changes your face into the desired face your want. For note: This will only allow you to have that face in your game. In other case, if you want to make your own Roblox face for everyone to see, there is exploits available to do this for you but we highly not recommend it.

By the way, how to sell your face on Roblox? You may know that if you have Builders Club (BC) member, so you can make and sell your items. But you have to know that you cannot sell your items such as Decals, Models, Places and Audio. In this case, a Roblox face is a Roblox item that can be purchased from the Roblox catalog. But, we cannot sell a Roblox face because it is type of decal. Although you cannot sell face on Roblox, but you still buy it.

If you want to buy a Roblox face from the catalog of Roblox, you can go to “Body Parts”. Then, you have to hold your mouse over the text until more the text show up. After that, you will see “Faces” appear. Just click at “Faces”. Then, you will be able to go to the place where you are able to see all of the faces on Roblox. The last, you can select what any face you want to be purchased.

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