How to Put Movable Mouth in Blender Roblox

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If you want to make or edit something, one of the most recommended tools is called Blender. Blender is the tool that can help you to make or edit something related to Roblox such as to put movable mouth. The process of putting the movable mouth is basically the same process as the process of making the Roblox animation using Blender.

For those who want to know how to put the movable mouth in Blender, here are the steps as explained by the Youtube channel named DatBoiEle. The video of this creator has been watched 28,469 times and has 764 likes with 47 dislikes.

The first thing that you have to do to put the movable mouth in Blender is to get a player from the Toolbox. Then, edit the player. Once you are done, right click your player at the workspace. Then, click “Export Selection”. Save it anywhere you would like.

After that, it is time for you to go to Blender. When you are in Blender, firstly, click File. Secondly, click wavefront. Thirdly, open it up the OBJ. Fourthly, click the white circle and then click the material. Fifthly, select the part that you want. As you want to put the movable mouth, then you can select mouth area. Sixthly, drag that up. Seventhly, make sure that the green is at the start. Eighthly, click the red circle. Ninthly, move the part a little. Then, you will be able to see the yellow line. Tenthly, move the green and then move the part you want to animate. In this case, it is the mouth part. When you are done, play and see what you got.

Now, go to camera mode and position the camera. Then, render to see how it looks. If it looks great then you are succeed on putting the movable mouth in Blender. The next thing that you have to do is to open output. Then, change PNG into AVI JPEG. Afterward, go to your desktop and make the new folder. You have to go back to Blender after that and select the folder you just made. You can name it as you want. In the next step, go to the earth and check the bottom right of the screen. Please click there and change the color for the background. Finally click the animation. Wait for it to render. Once its done, open the folder you made.

For better explanation of how to put the movable mouth in Blender or how to make the Roblox animation using Blender, it is better for you to watch the video on the Youtube channel mentioned above by yourself. Aside from that, watching some other videos also recommended. If you think that the video is too complicated, you can also ask for a help from the community of Roblox. The members of the community might have the simple and easy method to put the movable mouth in Blender. If needed, you can seek a help from Roblox Support.

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