How to Pass This is No Simulators Medium Second Stage in Obby

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Do you know a game called Obby in Roblox? Are you interested to play this game? What makes this game so adorable to play? If you are a lover of Obby game, definitely visiting this page is not totally wrong for you. Indeed, on this page, we will show you how to pass any obstacle on medium second stage in Obby. So, don’t leave this page!

As we know that Obby is a kind of common game in Roblox in which a player must pass different obstacle to be a winner of Obby game. If you are successful to be winner, at the end of obstacle, you will enter a Winner’s Room included several different tools. The tool can be varied related to the stuff that you probably need to pass some obstacle in next stage. You can have a chance to obtain the combat tools or drivable vehicles such as a plane. Besides, the navigation enhancers that you may get are such as paths and most common to see.

In fact, obstacle course can be easy to pass if you have a game template for players to create their own Obby. So, you do not need to afraid to pass some obstacle in playing Obby. To get chance to be winner, make sure that you already have the template. Need to know that obstacle in Obby game has some stage. The stages start from 1 – 69 with several levels: easy – medium – hard – difficult – challenging – intense – remorseless for the end of level.

Then, the stage and level that we will explain on this page is medium second stage. The medium stage can be called as the stage with no many difficult obstacles to pass. The medium level is second stage that you have to pass after easy first stage in Obby. The characteristic of medium second stage has yellow colour with most of flat obstacles. It means that to pass this obstacle is a little bit easy than hard stage in the next.

In this medium second stage, you will pass the flat field, high field and hanging field. So, the skills that you must have to pass this stage are run, walk and jump. Most of skills that you definitely use is to jump. We can calculate that about 75% jump, 15% walk and 10% walk. So, make sure that you practice to jump if you want to pass this medium second stage. Although, just little players who can pass this stage, but you have to be optimist to pass this stage easily.

If you want to try playing this game to get challenge, of course, it sounds good for you to explore this game before. Indeed, you have to master all of about Obby and how to play it. Then, if you are a newcomer of Roblox, then, you want to play this game, it is so better for you to understand about this game. Certainly, you can visit an official explanation about Obby on Roblox Wiki at this link: Then, if you want to know how expert people to pass the obstacle, you can watch this tutorial video at Have a nice play!

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