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It is so possible for you to know anything about Roblox without log in. Don’t you join with Roblox to be member? It may sounds so easy to make people joining with Roblox, but we know that everyone is different for some cases. So, why do people explore Roblox without log in? To understand about it, just scrolling this page to get the answer.

In the game of Roblox, there is one awesome feature in which you are able to explore Roblox without log in. Is it true? Yeah… in Roblox, you can explore and look for anything about Roblox that you may not know before. But, in this case, you must not be required to sign up if you want to know about Roblox in surface. However, some people who recently know Roblox will not join with Roblox directly. They may look for anything about Roblox including the system of Roblox, any features of Roblox, tips to play Roblox, ways to be rich and many more. So, it is no wonder if many people who know Roblox do not sign up to make an account.

In fact, not little users of Roblox do not have an account, but they just explore Roblox. In Roblox, the people who explore Roblox without log in are called as Guest. Based on Roblox Wiki, guest is known as the true testers of Roblox created by Administrators. Someone is called as guest of Roblox if he/she joins with a game but not log into an account. So, he/she is labeled as a Guest as well. Unfortunately, as a guest, you are not allowed to play and chat, speak and see massage sent by other players. You just explore and join with a game without being able to play at all.

Then, how to be a guest in Roblox? If you want to try as guest to explore Roblox, it is so easy. You just visit the official account of Roblox. You do not need to sign up if you are as a guest. You just can explore and know about any games and also items in Roblox. But, you cannot join to play those games. Besides, you cannot buy any items in Roblox because you do not have any Robux. As we know that Robux can be owned by joining with official account of Roblox. If you are as guest, you totally do not have Robux at all.

Nowadays, Roblox has removed any users who are as guest for safety. Although, there are some players need guests as a friend but Roblox do not want many users who do not have official account of Roblox. However, not all guests in Roblox are a kind person. Among them as guest may want to hack other official accounts. So, it is a reason why Roblox removes unofficial users to be guest.

Indeed, we suggest you not to be a guest. It is not totally wrong if you use your email to create an account in Roblox. As we know that to create account in Roblox, it is so fun and free for all. So, why not to make an account of Roblox to get more experience of playing any favorite games in Roblox.

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