How to Make a Face for Roblox

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In Roblox, faces are known as avatar store goods that are available to purchase. They are simple decals that can be used to make the appearance more attractive. Those who want to purchase them can just go to the Roblox catalog.

Talking about faces on Roblox you may be wondering if you are allowed to make them. So, is it possible to make a face on Roblox?

What is a Face for Roblox?

Before going further, it is better for you to read brief information about faces first. As you can probably guess, a face in Roblox refers to the face on your avatar. In Roblox, there are hundreds of faces available. Some of them are funny, kind, unique and so on. Basically, each of them is different and has its own uniqueness. Once again, these things can be purchased and used for character aesthetics.

How to Make a Face for Roblox

Is It Possible to Create a Face for Roblox?

Apparently, there is no way to create your own Roblox face and upload it to the Roblox catalog for other players to purchase. However, it is possible for you to create your own face by going into the Roblox files on your computer and changing the default face into the look that you are dreaming of. It can be done by modifying the picture.

Actually, it is not the only way to create a Roblox face on the Roblox. As an alternative, you can also go to Develop to be able to do so. There are several steps to do it, as follows:

  1. First of all, you should go to the official website of Roblox.
  2. On the official website, log in to your Roblox account.
  3. After logging in, choose Develop.
  4. Then, click Edit. Feel free to do it in any of your existing locations. Besides, you can also create a new one.
  5. Once you are in Roblox Studio, go to View and open Toolbox Objects, Basic Objects, and Explorer.
  6. When in the Workspace, spawn a Face Changer. You are allowed to paint it whatever color you want. However, it is better for you to keep it yellow so that the facial image can be seen correctly.
  7. Now, navigate to the Toolbox and choose Search. Under Search, you should be able to see a grey rectangle with the word Models and a little arrow beside it.
  8. Then, choose Decals.
  9. Once you hit Decals, you should be able to see images on the screen.
  10. If you want to find anything for your Face Changer, just search Faces. In case you fail to find anything you like, you are recommended to go to the Catalog and look for the name of a face you like. Apparently, some people have altered their faces to make them look totally different.
  11. After finding a decal that you like, place it on your Face Changer and just like that it is done.
  12. Do not forget to save and share with your friends.
  13. Aside from that, you can also add it to a set.
  14. For anyone who builds a lot of Face Changers, you can put all of them together, combine them, and construct one huge Face Changer model that will be liked by everyone.
  15. In the next step, choose the parts that you want to model in Roblox Studio. It can be done by right-clicking on them.
  16. When you see a Save to Roblox option, click Create New and then enter the details of the model.
  17. If you want to put your Face Changer through its paces, please hit F6 on the keyboard and then check if it works.
  18. If you want to add additional effects, you can use Basic Objects for Sparkles, Flames or even Smoke to the Face Changer.

For those on mobile, make sure to follow the following guide to be able to make a face for Roblox instead of following the guide above:

  1. Firstly, download Roblox Studio on your mobile.
  2. Once you have successfully downloaded it, log in to Roblox.
  3. After logging in, click Develop.
  4. Then, click Edit so that you can make changes to any of your current locations. Apart from that, it is actually fine if you want to add a new one.
  5. In Roblox Studio, go to View.
  6. Next, open Toolbox Objects, Basic Objects, and Explorer.
  7. Afterward, create a Face Changer in the Workspace. While you are allowed to paint it to any color that you prefer, it is suggested to stay with yellow as it makes it easy for you to see the face picture well.
  8. Now, go to the Toolbox and choose Search.
  9. Under Search, you should be able to see a grey rectangle with the term Models as well as the little arrow beside it. Please choose Decals.
  10. After that, search Faces to find anything related to your Face Changer.
  11. In case you fail to find one that you like, try to go to the Catalog to find one.
  12. After choosing a decal that suits your taste, stick it on your Face Changer and everything is done.
  13. Feel free to save and share it with other players. Besides, you can also add it to your collection.

It is worth noting that the face that you just made can only be used in your game as a result of this. If you want for the face to be seen by others, you can use exploits. However, using an exploit is not recommended as it may harm your Roblox account.

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