How to Join Roblox Groups

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In Roblox, there are a lot of groups and you are able to join it. If you like a game and then you want to join the group of it to get updates, you can search the group related to that game and join it. Some of you may not know how to join a group in Roblox so that we are going to tell you about it.

Group is one of features in Roblox. This feature was made in mid 2009. By the existence of this feature, Roblox users are able to create and join groups that feature their interests. All groups in Roblox can have virtually an infinite amount of members. Everyone on Roblox can join the group. But, if you want to create a group, you need to have Builders Club membership because only Builders Club members who are permitted to create groups. If you want to make a group, you need to know that it will cost 100 Robux.

Now, you probably want to join several groups in Roblox. But, how to do that? To join groups in Roblox is very easy.

  • First, you have to find the group that you want to join to. So, you have to click on the Searchbar which is located at the top of the page.
  • Then enter a keyword which is related to the group that you want to join such as “Bloxburg” if you want to look for a group about Bloxburg.
  • After that, you have to select to search in groups.
  • From there, you will find that the group search page will include information such as a brief description of the group which is helpful in identifying groups of interest. If you have been chosen selected the group, now go to the page of the group and click the Join Group button.

Some groups may require manual approve, so it the group that you join has this thing, you have to wait until the request to join is approved. Every group has its own requirement. Some groups may have specific requirements such as sending a Personal Message before a request to join the group is approved. So, you have to read the details in the description section of the group.

If you are the owner of a group, you are able to set it to be public or private. If it is set to be private, the join request of player will be considered as “pending” until you as a group admin approves or declines their request. If you set it to be public, the player can join the group without manual approval.

Roblox players have certain limit on how many groups that they are able to join and it is based on their membership. If you are non-Builders Club member, you are able to join up to 5 groups at one time. If you are Builders Club member, you are able to join or own up to 10 groups at one time. If you have Turbo Builders Club member, you have the privilege to own or be in group up to 20 groups at one time. Then, if you have Outrageous Builders Club member, you can join or own 100 groups.

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