How to Get Mode 2 Ro Ghoul

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Ro-Ghoul is a fighting game of Roblox that you can play freely. Based on the research, the game inspired by the anime/manga Tokyo Ghoul. It made by SushiWalrus. Ro-Ghoul features lots of objects and environments to discover. The players are given the option to play as a member of Ghoul, or a member of CCG.

The object of the Ro Ghoul game depends on the player’s faction. No matter which faction the player belongs to, the players have to gain the strength and complete the quests to increase their Reputation. For your information, the currency is collected for each point of reputation that can be used to buy cosmetic items like the Masks. As a player, you are able to select to fight each other, organize competitions, hang out with friends, or fight bosses to get more experience.

On the game of Ro Ghoul, there is IXA. It is Kishou Arima’s koukaku-type quinque that has two modes. Those two modes are Lance Mode and Gimmick Mode. You may open this page to find out how to get mode 2. Well, in this article, we are going to explain regarding Lance Mode and Gimmick Mode.


This Lance mode focuses on the melee combat and close combat.


  • Click: You are able to stab your opponent twice using your quinque, It is going to ignores damage reduction.
  • E: You are able to dash towards your cursor whilst stabbing, which blinding your enemy temporarily and dodging any nearby attacks.
  • R: You are able to move forward while you are dashing. You are going to be too fast for getting hit and ignoring the attacks or you are able to ignores damage reduction.
  • F: You are able to stab your quinque into the ground, and then you are able to make a huge area of effect which can damages and stuns your enemy.
  • C: Your quinque’s is able to lance disappears and turns into the mode of Gimmick.


This Gimmick mode focuses on the ranged attacks. For note: This Gimmick mode need 7,500,000 RC Cells and Level 1500 or Higher level.


  • Click: You are able to call some small spiked tendrils in front of you or at your cursor.
  • E: You are able to shoot some long-ranged spiked-tendrils in front of you toward your cursor, which forms a wall that damages and stuns the opponents once they touch it. It lasts for five seconds. People who touch it while its still there are going to take damage and get stunned too.
  • R: You are able to call a tall sharp tendril to where your cursor is pointed at, then 2 rows of tendrils are sprouted consecutively from the ground that aims automatically, tracking the nearest target within range.
  • F: Your quinque is going to call a long-ranged sharp tendril to where your cursor is pointed at, stabbing your enemy.
  • C: Your quinque is able to turns into the mode of Lance.

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