How to Get Back to Your Old Account on Roblox

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Do you want to get back your old account on Roblox? If so, you have to look for the solution to solve the problem. Indeed, your Roblox account is so important thing for you. Without Roblox account, you may not open and play Roblox. Unfortunately, there are some situations that makes your account getting loose. So, how to fix it? Please, keep staying on this page!

There are some reasons why Roblox players want to get their Roblox account back. It also depends on the situation what you get for it. Here are the reasons:

Password Problem

The first reason why players want to get the Roblox account back is to get password problem. Generally, most of players forget for their password or they do not verify the notification on email. So, you will get your password so hard. It makes you to recovery your Roblox account.

Banned Account

The second reason is in which you get your account banned by Roblox because of any issues. It is possible to get your account banned if you break up the rules of Roblox. If you get this problem, you are able to contact Roblox and try to convince them to give it back to you.

Hacked Account

The last reason is you get your account hacked by irresponsible people. Certainly, this case will be possible experienced by every Roblox player every time. So, you have to be careful to keep your username and password secretly. If you get this, you have to CONTACT ROBLOX IMMEDIATELY. However, most of hackers will have every way to enter your account, then, steal your Robux, items and many more that you have. Contacting Roblox and moderator is totally a best way to prevent this problem.

But, you do not worry because there will a way that helps you to get your Roblox account back. You can try some steps below if you coincidentally get the same problem. Here you go!

Step 1: Go to Official Roblox site

Step 2: Fill your old Roblox username and password that you remember.

Step 3: If you fill the wrong password, absolutely there will a pop up that notify that your password is wrong.

Step 4: After you get it, you can click forgot your password.

Step 5: You will be directed into new page that notice forgot your username or password.

Step 6: Then, you have to fill your username and email.

Step 7: There will a verification message sent into your email.

Step 8: You must open your email and get the message of Roblox Account Password Reset . Then, you follow the instruction on your email.

Step 9: Now, you have to click the link that will direct into Roblox site.

Step 10: In this step, you can fill your username and create a new password, then, confirm new password. Click Set Password button.

Now, you will get a chance to get your Roblox account back by doing the ways that we have described above. Make sure that you do not skip even one step because it is probably hard to get success.

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